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    Wind And Water: Puzzle Battles Official Release!

    Only played an hour or so of the story mode, but very very impressed so far. Presentation is even nicer than the final demo and I'm loving the in-depth stats and stuff. Great effort guys!
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    New Version Of Wire3d

    Personally I think textures would take something away from this game. Its beauty is its simplicity. Anyway, thought it might not work when I was playing through the tutorials but the levels proper are great fun. Look forward to the next update...
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    Fixed Version Of Floaters

    Yeah, I agree maybe lives would give it a better balance and maybe more enemy types for variety. Other than that really enjoying this one...surprisingly relaxing!
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    Gbax 2007 Coding Competition - Winners Announced

    Can't say I've played Ozone but the other two were certainly deserved winners. I haven't stopped playing either of them since they were released. Congrats guys :) Honestly, the general quality of entries this year was so high...I don't envy the judges and I can't blame them for leaving out some...
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    Fixed Version Of Floaters

    Not had the chance to download the new version yet (feedback when I do), but really enjoy all the games you've been putting out recently Quiest. Quality stuff, thanks :)
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    Race! With Fullscreen Scaling (rough, Hw) Released

    Thanks for the update Hooka, still enjoying this emulator even though I've played through all the games umpteen times. Don't feel the NGPC gets the love it deserves somehow despite being one of the best handhelds ever :S Cool, hopefully it'll make up for the sucky DS version.
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    Sqdef 1.1

    Alex, this game is awesome. I have wasted far too long on the shitter playing through until I realised I've messed up and have to start over. Way too addictive. Very impressed with all the competition entries I've played (bit behind because my PC blew up when the house was stuck by lightning)...
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    Wind And Water: Puzzles Battles Final Demo!

    Pre-ordered! To be honest I probably would have bought it on the strength of your last demo, but the effort you've put in since plus the whole sprite thing sealed the deal for me. Good job!
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    Gbax 2007 One Week Remaining Reminder

    Ooh... /is kinda excited
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    Final Burn Alpha Test Build

    Wow...colour me impressed! Thanks Squidge, great work so far.
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    Tecnoballz Port

    Love this game; thanks for the port :)
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    Blockdude 1.2 Released

    I guess the amount of time I spent playing this one speaks volumes. Also some cool skins, I like!
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    Battle Jewels Alpha 3 .. A Whole Lot More Cowbell.

    Agree with TechFreak...faster animations = more time for fun. But really, this is excellent stuff skeezix. Very good idea, I'm impressed. Keep it up!
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    Back From The Front: Gp2x Vs Psp

    Well, personally I'd consider 250 to be about average. And like I said it varies wildly depending on the game you're playing...Metal Slug is about as demanding it gets on the system so it's a bit of a harsh yardstick.
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    Back From The Front: Gp2x Vs Psp

    QUOTE It also needs a relatively high OC to get it to run w/o frameskip. Don't know which games you've been playing, but almost everything runs fullspeed for me @ 250 or below (200 is plenty for most older titles). And that's WITH sound. There's maybe a little improvement to be done on the...