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    Open Source Mmorpg- The Mana World

    All grahpics were created by the TMW team, which consists out of many artists. Because of that the quality of tilesets vary. And we still use some resized stuff from our switch to 32*32 tiles. (old ones were 16*16) Please keep in mind that we still use eAthena, a Ragnarok server emulator, but...
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    Open Source Mmorpg-the Mana World

    What is a "PW engine"? TMW uses SDL and some exotic libs like guichan, enet and physfs. We do have a story though, but it isn't used yet ingame. There are some quests and lately the ingame-content is growing. This game is still pre-alpha, it used eAthena, a Ragnarok server emulator, for more...
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    Earthquake In China

    "Any impact?" <--- grahahahahahaha
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    Wanted: 100 Yen Coins

    Just ask your bank!
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    Goity's April Fool

    The real link is now, could you update your post please?
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    Heroes Of Might And Magic For Pandora?

    Yeah, just because it uses hexagonal tiles its a clone of wesnoth, ooooh yeah -.- Since i mentioned it in this thread here its more of an HoMM clone...
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    Heroes Of Might And Magic For Pandora?

    You may want to mention the FreeLords project: You can play Kings Bounty, one of the precessors of HoMM, with the Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator too.
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    Heroes Of Might And Magic For Pandora?

    No. QUOTE Also, would a Linux compatible usb disk drive work on the Pandora? :unsure: Yes. QUOTE The answer's very likely to be a no, but I had to ask. :P (In case you don't know, HOMM means Heroes Of Might And Magic) meh
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    Settlers 3, Age Of Empires And Sam & Max

    Yes, of course! All thanks to the touchscreen :)
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    Psx4gp2x V0.1.2 Test 1 - Playstation 1 Emulator For Gp2x

    FF9 runs better and doesn't crash anymore, nice!) but you cant use frameskip, it only displays a black screen then :( great work! :)
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    Pandora Rpg Gaming Diablo 2 On Pandora.

    Well that's far more powerful than our gp2x ;) Oh, and your school pc ran windows nativly.
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    Working On A NewVersion Of Psx4gp2x.

    Great :)
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    Ocarina Of Time 2d

    There are 100s of OoT2D around. The "Original" by Daniel Barras is kinda dead, you can find the whole story on (if it still exists..or exists again ;) )
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    WTF 295 pages. That beats all zodttd topics together :D