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    Open2x Dr6 For F100 And F200

    I have a 128MB SD card that i've used about 4 times to upgrade my F100 with. It worked with official firmwares, and Dr4. However with this new release it didn't work. So definitely try another card if it doesn't upgrade!
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    Ot - Help Choosing Linux Distro

    For first time users, definitely Ubuntu.
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    Open2x Dr4

    I havn't had the shifted picture issue either.. (MK1 1st ed). Thanks a ton for your continued work Senior Quack.
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    Open2x Dr4

    Holy moley!
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    Ah, I spy your new logo. Looks good.
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    What the heck are you trying to write anyhow? :lol: Your friend was right. 人 means person. It reads "hito" alone, and usually reads "jin" when in a word. If you ARE trying to write "pen person", then ペン人 is ok. Or ペンジン, like you had. Just FYI, gaijin (short for gaikokujin) is literally means...
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    More C64 Woes Or A New Lease Of Life? C64dtv Has Anybody Got One Of Th

    I've got a very nice condition C64c with the slim 5.25" drive. I've actually been considering getting rid of it, and picking up a DTV... You really can't beat original hardware, but I just don't have the space.
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    Well, I Bricked It.

    Good luck with it... if you happen to have the tv-out cable, you could canibalize that. Don't know about the second revisions of them, but my first release cable came with a full set of pins just waiting to be soldered to.
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    Open2x Dr4

    Im really appreciating all the hard work that went into this. Just the shorter boot time alone makes me more likely to pick up the 2x for a quick play. I know a lot of gp2x devs have commented on how quiet it has become around here. I disagree. Sure it's calmed down a bit, but the excessive...
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    Official Firmware Vs Open2x: Advanced Questions

    In answer to 3 and 4: gmenu is the new default menu, which does have built in gamma control. You can set it on a system-wide scale, as well as on a per-game basis. As far as actual brightness control, not that I know of.
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    Pocketsnes 6.4.5

    Nice improvements! Awesome work man.
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    Open2x Dr4

    Awesome! It's great to see this finally see the light of day, it a public fashion. Thanks to everyone involved for all your great work! And double thanks to you Orkie. My First Edition GP2x f100 never felt so young :D
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    X-com: Ufo Defense

    Much thanks for your months of hard work! i'm excited to try this.
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    [hardware Subforum]f200 Internal Liion Battery Mod

    I'm interested in play time also. Please share your results !
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    Pocketsnes 6.4.4 Beta

    If you're reading this, thanks for your continued work. :gp2x