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    Dpg On Pandora
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    How Are You Feeling About The Pandora Today?

    This thread sounds like a support group, should I say my name first? Well, today I'm glad I canceled my pre-order in July. Back then the pessimistic view was late August for where I was in the queue...had I hung on, I still wouldn't have it today. I would have loved it two years or even one year...
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    Ipodt 4 Vs Pandora

    I remember that, it had to do with mapping around memory access limitations in the OS (IIRC).
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    Emulate A Snes Almost Perfectly

    No 'cheep' Chinese system is going to have perfect SNES emulation, because *all* of these systems run an established emulator that hasn't had years and years of development for a specific device. I'd say none of them will ever match the PSP or Dingoo, even though there are going to be...
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    If There Was An Nds Emu...

    'Wi-fi', not 'ni-fi'. I don't know which the OP had in mind, wi-fi with other NDS through the Nintendo WFC or the protocol DS's use for local play. Speaking of the screen issue, I'm sure we could figure something out if we had some...
  6. F Vs Vs Openpandorasal is the most often used and cited address.
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    360, Ps3, Or Wii Controllers

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    Portable Handheld Master System/genesis/megadrive?

    'Wore out' a DS Lite? They are pretty easy systems to fix, even if you have to get a new shell and replace the external plastic/buttons. Would be cheaper than just about any option, add a flashcart for $20 and you have access to pretty good Genesis/SMS emulators and great SNES/NES/GB/GBC/Ect...
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    Hiding Virus
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    Hiding Virus

    What antivirus programs are available for Ubuntu? I use Live CDs, but instead of linux I make my own BartPE disk with various antivirus programs. It uses the XP kernel (so you need an XP disk to make the image) and allows you to run a variety of programs with basic hardware access (you can add...
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    Android Gaming Device By Sony

    Anybody see the Rage iPhone tech demo? Shit is intense. Google definitely needs to do something, this phone would be a big step in that plan. Android is way too fragmented to make years of engine...
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    I'd Support OP With A Pandora T-Shirt

    Not much compared to people actually buying them and walking around as living advertisements.
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    Currently Watching On Tv

    Breaking Bad is amazing. I was a bit pissed that I saw the teaser for next season's Stargate Universe. It landed on a deliciously hard cliffhanger and the trailer gave away so much... Currently rewatching Arrested Development on Netflix (MOVIE FILMING NEXT YEAR?!) along with My Name Is Earl...
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    I'd Support OP With A Pandora T-Shirt

    I would, an official Cafepress shop would probably work out best, so they could be printed on demand in various sizes and shirt styles instead of ED bulk ordering (how many of those polos sold?)
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    Reconsider Android?

    It's a move to ARM...either they are going to port PSP games or develop their own ultra-advanced emulator. If it's the former, I don't see it catching on much. If it's the latter, HELLZ YES. I do hope we get a hardware supported Android port here, but it wouldn't make sense to make it the...