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    Most wanted

    Dungeon Keeper would be a great game to port. Not the snes one but the pc one. it should run on a gp32. And it only Uses a few buttons. I'm not sure if its open sorce but it'd be a good game to port. there arnt many god games around for the gp32.
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    I was wondering if Because roms arnt free, Does that mean that you have to pay for them Or does it mean that there free but there had to find. If there free and its not warez, then can anyone tell me where to get them from. I'm not up for getting done for getting warez software. If you do have...
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    Gp Sonic

    I was wondering if any one could port some of the sonic games from the mega drive to the game park. :blink:
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    Your game is brilliant. :P :D :lol: But I think there might be a bug At the end of the time limit it just freezes. :unsure:
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    Ports require SOURCE CODE

    If your gonna make FFVII Then dont do it the same way resi because that was crap * It was hard to controll * It looked crap * It was nothing like then origonal Resident evil was out on the pc for gods sake. Could they not of made an emulator for it to run on. They managed to do it for the...
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    Hey do you really want to pay for it by making it a comercial game. I mean like you get a copy then make it comercial. :lol:
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    Want Something Ported? Look Here First!

    Hey, you could look on google for the coding of duke nukem. It would be hard to find the coding for it but it must be out there somewhere. you can get anything on the internet. :) I'm not a game writer but I do know that you can get anything if you look. I dont know if it would work but I got a...