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    Finally Got My Pandora

    turned my house upside down in order to find my keys (because i was locked up and i couldn't go to work) it took me nearly 15 min i already had the keys "IN MY HAND!". the funny thing about it was that i used it several times to open my room (yes, i lock my room) on the end i noticed by just...
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    I'm Not Going To Get My Pandora Before School Starts, Am I?

    Hahaha. when i pre ordered the pandora i was still finishing my thesis, had to pay for a lot for ceremony and paperwork fees so i sold my preorder, took way much longer and got a refund so i got my preorder back. my laptop failed so i had to sell it again, and again i got a refund because of...
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    While Waiting... What Would You Like To See?

    i would like to see a full blown PSX emulation * PS1 emu playing a RT game like racing or fighting. * a usb converter with 2 PSX controllers(also with nubs please) :D * Tv out connected to a huge tv. and if it is not enough * pandora ASMO modded to look like PS1 Phat and SD like mem...
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    What Is The Average Age Of The Pandora Pre-Orderers

    what a beautifull normal distribution. probability and statistics do work!
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    I Finally Ordered One

    i made the assumption that he used the old Google checkout payment for a first batcher, that IIRC never expired or got closed by OPT, and thats why i was mad. more of because he would have get a first batcher paying so late in time while people was cramming for the last first batch slots and...
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    I Finally Ordered One

    well, early adopters did have sort of discount, mostly due to exchange rate issues. i would recommend OP give extended warranty to those, instead of discounts. @fuji99 how did you get to know that his email said 2batcher?? @vorporeal XD, im also mad at him for being so annoying but no need...
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    I Finally Ordered One

    thats what happens when both parts do unusual things. 1) you paid say x days months away from the order confirmation? 2) weird they never locked away that order. i believe your pandora wouldnt or at least should not be on the first batch if people on the second batch paid before you. (JUST AN...
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    Your Favourite Pandora Moment So Far...

    OMG those graphics, it reminds me of Liero. really need some online liero action.
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    Tv Out Cable Please

    yet the story changes again?? i recall once they said they we're ready and in a box on a warehouse somewhere in the globe. then that "that" box on the photo wasn't the cables. i also recall some chile and the earthquake thing that supposedly had something to do with the headers and now the 1k...
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    Getting In Touch With Openpandorasales

    i've just cancelled/sold my pre-order too good bye everyone.
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    Pandora Vs. Eeepc 701 Processor Speed? Only For Curiousity

    WOW, been away some time from the boards, nice to see that you became a MOD. well gotta go away again so i forget about pandora until they reach 2k Mark. BACK ON TOPIC this question is hard to respond, because you cant compare planes and trains they are both vehicles, but they suit...
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    hey, why attacking him so much?? im also thinking on getting a refund, since the one that bought my order wanted a refund!. the last week has been a silent one and it seems production will take more months. this is just insane if you dont really get any feeling on getting closer.
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    3Ds "slide Pad"

    no im not! well maybe 50 50, but i still believe they should accomodate like the PC's with arrows and nub/cursor on the "right" side.
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    3Ds "slide Pad"

    OMG, whats the mania with the left nub i still believe it would be more ergonomic to leave it on the right side i hope one day we will see dpad and nubs on the "right" side.
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    Counterstrike Goes 2D And Opensource?

    nearly, 4 days with no sleep finishing the semester job. plus got flu and i dont know why i am wasting time around oh i remember now! the D*mn semester is over Atchooo!! i mean Yahooooooo!