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    Warsong Review For Sega Genesis

    I'm 99.9% certain that the PCE version of Der Langrisser 2 is a Super CD-ROM game, so GP Engine wouldn't be able to run it anyway.
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    Drmd Games List

    Just a few I've had problems with... Ys 3- Wanderers from Ys- Minor graphical flaws along the righthand border, more of a distraction than anything. Otherwise runs fine. Exile- Same as Ys 3 Phantasy Star 2- Runs fine, except the music sounds terrible for some reason. The item shop theme...
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    Gauntlet 4 (md)

    Ys 3's tunage will blow your mind.
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    Best Games Ever

    RPG- Ultima 7: The Black Gate (PC) Fighter- Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Neo Geo) Platformer- Mega Man 2 (NES) Puzzle- Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (Arcade) Adventure- Quest for Glory: So, You Want to be a Hero (PC) Brawler- River City Ransom EX (GBA) Multiplayer- Bomberman Online (Dreamcast)...
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    What Systems Do You Own?

    Consoles Atari 2600 x2 (one is a 2600 Jr.) Intellivisionx2 Colecovision x2 with 2600 adaptor(the absolute best pre-crash console in terms of both power and library, by the way, and is also compatible with 2600 carts with an adaptor. SO underrated it's not even funny.) NES x3 (two are...
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    Gamefaqs Character Battle

    Neither, Terry Bogard would get sick of their angsty, JRPG main character whining and throw them both down while they're waiting for thier "turn". And the GameFAQs character contest IS just a popularity contest; didn't you read the FAQ? If it was just "who could beat the living daylights out...
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    Ultima 7

    The bakery in Britain is the best place to make bread. He has everything you need right there, doesn't mind if you use it; and will even pay you for it if you'd like (Ask him about "Hire"). Too bake bread, double click on a sack of flour. A crosshairs will appear. Click it on any table. Use...
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    Ultima 7

    Avatar: Name? Me: DaveMan, but most people call me Steve. Avatar: Job? Me: I bump topics. Kind of annoying I know, but it must be done! Avatar: Bump? Me: Why, certainly! Avatar: Bye. Me: Yeah, yeah, bugger off, virtue boy.
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    Most wanted

    I just posted a huge rant on Ultima 7's awesomeness, how the SNES version will never compare to the original, and why we need Exult ported. I'm not going to do it again. But we do need Ultima...
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    Ultima 7

    What this post lacks is a really good, over the top, passionate ranting. No, please allow me, I'm good at this. --------------------------------------- Somebody posts a request for Commander Keen, and there's a programmer working on it before nightfall. This thread has been going on for...
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    There's versions of Lemmings on the NES, Master System, Genesis, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Lynx, Game Gear, Spectrum ZX, Commodore 64 and Atari ST. All of these systems are emulated on the GP32. Take your pick.
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    Best Games, By System, By Genre

    I'm not a big fan of sports games- the only two I've ever enjoyed are Tecmo Bowl (American football) and Neo Turf Masters (golf)- so, I'll leave them out of my rankings, in interest of including a few other genres instead. NES 1) Platformer- Mega Man 2 2) Racing- Rad Racer 3) Fighting (Vs)-...
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    Do Re Mi Fantasy: Milon's Quest

    There's also a prequel on the NES and Gameboy called Milon's Secret Castle. This game was my entire frickin' childhood
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    GP32 Could Stella Be Ported To The Gp32?

    Stella's requirements straight from the Docs- DOS 5.0 or higher 8 MB of Ram 256 color VGA graphics card 486/120 Mhz required; 586/166 Mhz highly recommended At least 2 MB of hard drive space available Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card -The rest of the "requirements are just...
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    Sci Interpreter?

    Sarien only runs Sierra AGI games. So yeah, It only runs the earlier ones. Though, actually, some of the early SCI games were ported to Atari ST and are playable on Castaway. But you have to put up with virtual disk-swapping every two or three screens (Which gets very annoying very fast...