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    Not much text here. Just a video.

    my *personal* preference would be for text, but really what ever is easiest (and quickest) for ED.... glad to see things progressing, even happier you've taken some time to recover...
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    Case Improvements and the keymat

    great to see the ongoing steady progress, how you do it all and do how many jobs at the same time amazes me!
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    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    nah the important bit is that you were sensible enough to see you needed some down time AND took it! - never neglect your health, compared to the Pyra your health is much more important!
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    WIP Report: No known hardware issues, 30 days of uptime

    Can't happen soon enough my trusty Nexus 7 died recently... :eek:
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    It's the speed that counts.

    in stark contrast to most of the stuff on ifixit... heck if they get hold of a Pyra they'll probably faint ! most stuff these days seems to be components embedded in glue....
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    ZX Vega +

    yeah that one just got me, what class!
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    ZX Vega + not really a surprise that the vulture gave this a savaging, its as bad as I thought it might be...
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    so... you won't be using your Pyra for emulation now will you?

    ...because even if you own the game turns out its illegal !,37512.html *sigh* IP owners just don't get good will and community, even if roms are "pirated" to the nth degree, release a little retro box that looks like a previous...
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    The Final Revision

    looking good!
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    Back from Greece

    wish you hadn't, sounds much more exotic ! +1 that burgundy looks great!
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    Back from Greece

    Edelstahl! Germany a country of engineers ? we have no common usage word for high grade steel ! every post gets it just that bit nearer... gosh there's been some birthing pains!
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    ...but will it run Linux,37392.html probably not will it have a removable battery ? doubtful will it cost an eye watering amount ? certainly will it be supported years down the line? probably not....
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    Is there really a light at the end of the journey...?

    oooh I see what you did there.... pun tastic!
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    Case closed?

    ROFL, I'm an hour and a half away (from Hull), the best day trip to Hull lasts three hours including the travel...
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    Case closed?

    if only it were that simple..... why do you think ED looks near exhausted so often, 1001 little things biting you in the ankle...