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    Sharp Zaurus Sl-C1000

    Hi not been on here in yeeeeeaaarss. Anyway I just found my old Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 and was wondering if anyone knew how much (if anything) they are worth these days ? Have a wireless card with it too. Checked on google and couldn't see much about anywhere selling them or any on ebay.
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    Pico Projectors

    where did you get it ? and let me knwo if its anygood i was looking at something liek this the other day but it was an aiptek one.
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    Red Dwarfe

    I thought they were quite pants really :( Series 8 and kind of 7 were quite crap too. The rest is great ! Just started to watch the new ones rigth now and good example of how they messed it up is the scutters are cgi now. Why would they do that ?
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    How Many Of You Own An Arcade Cabinet?

    I have a killer instinct cab wich is in quite good condition it think ! I have a 1069 pcb wich is basically a little pc that has a jamma connection and i also have a hyper neogeo 64 with the 4 fighting games and i think i will soon have a ATOMISWAVE with 3 or maybe more games including kofxi ...
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    How Do You Find And Download Files From Rapidshare?

    Forums mainly or google
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    I Need To Know A Name Of A Certain Game

    so you are in a car and you can shoot ? :EDIT MAd Crasher ?
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    Just got MUGEN working on my xxxx in 1 now too :D Here MUGEN All Characters BAttle Zero running on my cab ------> MUGEN on my cab
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    The ^ Game

    < are you ok yes
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    I think it is that list but ive started adding to it today. Its not as easy as just adding roms since its all run through a front end and a chinese windows 2000. Today my new 2.8ghz cpu came so i replaced the 1.7 with the 2.8 and then added killer instinct and it runs full speed :P so now my...
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    why ? you are only a few weeks earlier than them.
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    Its in my room now :D:D. Me and a friend did it on our own ! either my friend was alot stronger than my brother or the monitor coming out made a big difference :D. Still tryin to fix my room as my room is still a mess and i have the ki cab plus 2 pachislo machines in my room now :D. I will...
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    took the monitor out last night wich has took a bit of weight out it. Goin to see what else can take out then get at least 4 people this time.
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    have a look HERE for more info and stuff about the 1000 in 1 pcb. its basically a pc that has jamma connectors. but i dont think its as simple as that as ive read about adding stuff and its not quite as simple as adding games to a pc. Theres plenty of games on it tho. People have been adding...
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    Here me showing off again with a new toy :P My KI cab on youtube Im showing off nwo but a little earlier i was tryin to get it up the stairs with my brother and i nearly died as it came down on top of me :(. Anyoen have any suggerstions about gettin a huge ki cab up stairs ? or any one live...