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    Pandora Rebirth Edition good condition

    Please PM me. I am very interested in the Pandora. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Share your projects

    Keep it up. You should make whichever game appeals to your interests more.
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    Share your projects

    Hm... never heard of libgdx. Not impossible. Just not sure.
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    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    Electric Six - Gay Bar
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    Share your projects

    Looks good man. How about porting to Pyra? Something like SDL or PyGame should run on both. ;)
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    Video Games in the Future!

    When I eat healthy, I digest food better and maintain a good body mass index. When I brush my teeth, my teeth don't fall out. When I watch The Simpsons, I laugh. Do we really need computers tracking all this crud?
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    Tips for saving up money?

    Sometimes leaving the house sucks. A middle ground would be splitting the cost with a neighbor.
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    Video Games in the Future!

    I really doubt it. I think human beings are less predictable than people at companies believe. For example, I used to buy hummus at the grocery store. Then the store started giving me hummus coupons. Then I started making homemade hummus and didn't need the coupons. Then I stopped eating...
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    What have you bought recently?

    Trying to limit spending as much as possible. I have a massive game collection on Pandora so I'm playing games in that.
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    Battery Not Charging

    Does the unit charge while off? You said it doesn't charge while on? The only way I can charge my Pandora is low-power mode. With the unit plugged in, turned on, and battery out, flip the power switch quickly. The screen should turn off and the power LED should dim. THEN put the battery in and...
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    A journey of self discovery (Latest Artwork and progress)

    Your art is really good! If I have advice, it is you might want to specialize. There's a lot that goes into making video games, from art to programming, music to production, debugging, quality assurance, and more. It's not easy to be like the Cave Story guy and make a game by yourself. Maybe...
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    The Caring Corner :)

    On the topic of buying a house... only do it if you're in a relationship. Very few of us are Donald Trump types who are handed a million dollars by their parents, start a business, fire a bunch of people, buy a house, and buy numerous wives after all of that! Also, nothing weird about hanging...
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    Save state in Mupen64 Plus?

    Hi, I did a lot of searching and I couldn't find information. Is there a way to save state in Mupen64 Plus for Pandora? Ridge Racer 64 doesn't save on it's own, so I'd like to save the state to keep my progress. Thank you.
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    What have you bought recently?

    No offense my friend, but I thought you needed to get out of debt!
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    Share your projects