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    Annoying "click" sound when using my GP32

    I much prefer microswitches - you get such a nice positive feedback.
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    Soo excited

    Well.. not that many posts, so its doubtful much ever came of his coding explots!
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    Wish list

    Amiga emu... That's me no. 1 at the moment!
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    Gp32x Collaborative Faq

    Yes - that is lit. I'll update the main FAQ when I get a sec.
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    ROM/Warez policy

    Unless they were made more than 75 years ago, then this ishighly unlikely :P
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    Official Gba Whine Thread

    Chill!! You're gonna have a coronary if you keep on like that :P
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    EXT port connector

    May be a cool idea, but would have to be SMALL in my opinion. Dont like the idea of anything making my GP more bulky.
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    Gp32x Collaborative Faq

    Thats not true. The non-FLU doesnt have the reflective ribbed screeen underneath the outer screen, so the contrast is much better on that than on the FLU with the light off (I know - I've had both and compared them side-by-side). So there :P :D If you can afford a flu, get one, if not...
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    New multifirmware

    Nice! :D
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    32MB upgrade - N64 on GP, are you NUTS?

    Lets start it up again then...! and keep it civilized! Anyways - if people want to do the stuff ebing described, then let them get on without it.... Where would we be without innovation eh? Keep it up, and report all back :D
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    prototype gp32....

    To all those who wanted the video-out thing.... Look at the screen!! It looks nasty! Blocky as hell! :P it'd still be cool to have though :D Just for the bragging rights ;)
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    for those interested, a Zodiac review...

    Can be arsded with the Zodiac. Got and XDA, so have PDA and internet on the move. Got a GP32, which is the mutts knackers when it comes to handheld gaming at the moment. So I'm happy :D
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    Do I Need A SMC Card Reader?

    SMC readers... you CAN do without one... BUT... Cheap as hell Worth their weight in enriched uranium.... so get one of you can :D Cheers
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    After Burner.... GP32.. Read

    Comparing the GP32 NON-flu with the FLU unit with the light off isn't a fair comparison. The system used with a frontlight is actually a series of very thin reeflective bands across a membrane in front of the screen. when this is illumiated from the edge, it reflects the light down onto the...
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    Hi crew

    The GP32 is indeed the dog's dangly bits! Welcome to the show and make sure you stay a while :D