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    please help gp32

    Two years ago i bought a gp32 flu and not long after, stupidly lost the encrytion. i've tried for two years to fix the problem but got nowhere. i heard that pc-link 0.9.1 could create a gps file, but i don't know for sure. the only way to fix it to encrypt it. if you could help me fix it...
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    Gp2X System

    hey yall.  I am really want a gp2x f200.  I don't know about distance since i live in the united states.  i will pay for it (a reasonable price) so if you help, that would be the best.  Have a great day guys
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    Gp2x Wiz Is Delayed Again. Officially....

    Yeah, I'm going to get a psp. Have fun with your wiz guys
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    About Save Files

    I was playing my gp2x, when I wanted to know something. Can you take save files from an nes emulator for gp2x and put it into a psp?
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    Psx Emulators

    Does anyone have any knowledge as of now what the best psp emulators are? nes, snes, n64, gameboy advance and psp mess(if it exists) and mame for psp? thanks -alterdimension
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    Hello, My Name Is...

    I am from the u.s and If I'm not building websites I am invinting pc video games and editing home grown movies
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    Playstation 1/2/3 Intercompatibility?

    I know they made area 51 for ps1, did they make a gun for it? Because as it is you have to use a controller and that makes it way complicated to use a controller
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    Video Production - Any Experts Around Here?

    What you need is a green screen(green if you can) Then you need hardware such as dazzle to process the raw video and edit. Dazzle opens the video up so you can add spectial effects and transitions. For the noob, try dazzle, but you will need a capture card which aren't that expensive. Just...
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    U. S. 2008 Election Thread

    I agree. I bear no ill will to you as well. I'm glad we are ending on a positove note. Hey, if any are in the country, I'll invite you over for a round of mario cart 64. :)
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    U. S. 2008 Election Thread

    After reading all the messages on this site today, I feel nothing but disgust and loathing. I read nothing but self - centered anti-american garbage . We owe no one outside the U.S. an apology. Everyone in Europe who is not loyal to the U.S. deserves what's coming by way of chaos and people who...