ZEsarUX 10.1


Still Fresh
Sep 8, 2015
New ZEsarUX stable version 10.1!

As usual, there are compiled versions for Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi and Windows, and also the source code.

Remember ZEsarUX is free software and gratis

Download it from:


Version 10.1 - Carrier Command edition. 06 May 2022

Added real joystick support on Mac

Added joystick support for Hat controllers

Added new joystick event to exit ZEsarUX

Added action to trigger left-right movement on joystick, to play Decathlon-like games

Added MSX Joystick emulation

Added Spectravideo Joystick emulation

Added support for simple speaker output on Raspberry PI Using GPIO pins and no sound card

Added setting to select a different joystick on Windows and OS with SDL driver

Added setting to change ULA Data bus value

Added showing microdrive label when expanding qlay mdv files of size 174930 bytes

Added Jupiter Ace TAP & TZX support on tape browser

Added TZX support for ID 33 - Hardware type

Added Autorewind tape setting

Added Z80 Halt signal state support on zsf snapshot

Added device button for ZX-Uno Flash device

Added another easter egg ;)

Improved Text Adventure Debugging:

-Added Text Adventure Map

-Added Locations Connections list

-Added direct menu entry and f-function/button to view 8 (adventure debug)

-Improved detection of some paws adventures (like superlopez and abracadabra)

-Improved detection of some daad adventures (like jabato)

Improved Debug CPU:

-Now it highlights which registers will be modified by the opcode at the cursor position

-New address breakpoint expression FPEEK, that can read contents in the range of the total machine address space

-Added t-states counter on default view

-Allow to have a decimal view of opcode decoding using key m (mode)

-Added breakpoints actions to start and stop cpu transaction log

Improved Accessibility:

-Added direct settings for inverse colours and gray mode

-Added setting to disable Flash

Improved ZX Vision:

-Reduced up to 5 times cpu usage on menu by using a cache

-Improve window refreshing by disabling autoframeskip while moving or resizing

-Allow to set a window always visible

-Enlarge content size when resizing window without having to recreate it

-Notify to the parent function when a window has been resized

-Allow to avoid refreshing window when changing scroll

-Added GUI styles: AmigaOS, Atari TOS, OS/2, RiscOS, ZEsarUX Plus (and this one is now the default style)

-Improve RetroMac GUI style: striped title bar

-Improve BeOS GUI style: buttons positions right after the title

-Detect when video driver can not use the current GUI style and set to another one that can use

-Added maximize window button

-Background button on inactive windows is hidden by default

-Bigger window resize indicator (bottom-right of the window)

-Text windows enlarge/reduce line width when resizing windows

-Text windows wider by default (40 characters instead of 32)

-When sending a window to the background, and the setting "Background windows even when menu closed" is enabled, the menu will be closed

-Improve accented characters on different charsets

-Added translation of menu items to Spanish and Catalan

-Added shortcuts helper to see hotkeys pressed

-Added button preview when customizing ZX Desktop buttons or F-keys

-Better detection of Spectrum screen file: any file size of 6912 bytes

-Show when a menu has submenus using the ">" character

-Preserve minimized and maximized state on windows

-Remember size before minimize and maximize window

-Added actions on menu Window Management to: switch to, minimize, maximize, move to bottom, set always visible, window information

-Window management window can run on background

-ZX Desktop: footer buttons to enlarge or reduce ZX Desktop, not just enabling or disabling

-ZX Desktop: allow to set a background SCR file

-ZX Desktop: added setting to disable ZX Desktop when going to full screen

Improved PC Speaker Driver: now there is a new driver "onebitspeaker" which can handle both PC Speaker and Raspberry PI GPIO speaker

Improved PC Speaker audio driver: better sound quality and high frequency filter

Improved OSD Adventure Keyboard: allow to send space, enter and quotation marks

Improved OSD Keyboard: allow to use mouse, preserve window geometry

Improved Keyboard Help: load image automatically when changing machine

Improved handling of individual colour palettes modifications (Red, Green, Blue)

Improved portability of shell scripts

Improved fbdev driver: added setting for double buffer to avoid flickering on menu (--fbdev-double-buffer)

Improved fbdev driver: added setting to avoid resolution change on Raspberry Pi full screen mode (--fbdev-no-res-change)

Improved ZX Spectrum Next emulation: added layer2 priority colour bit

Improved Audio Chip Piano and Wave Piano: can show all octaves and set piano zoom

Fixed Z80 halt behavior and PC location

Fixed disabling border when realvideo enabled on machines: Colecovision, Master System, MSX, SG1000, SpectraVideo

Fixed redrawing footer when fade out

Fixed showing character 127 on curses, stdout and simpletext video drivers

Fixed preserve breakpoints state when doing smartload

Fixed saving snapshot on some events that close ZEsarUX (F-key, AY Player, etc)

Fixed loading/saving TZX as Standard tape on Jupiter Ace

Fixed ejecting Spectravideo cartridge

Fixed segfault pressing F5 after pressing pause key

Fixed bug on OSD Adventure Keyboard when words of 5 characters lenght and setting sending final space enabled

Fixed crash when saving configuration file larger than 20kb

Fixed crash when browsing on a completely empty directory

Fixed bug emptying osd adventure text keyboard when debugging vocabulary

Fixed smartload from ZRCP

Fixed crash when exiting emulator and ZRCP enabled (usually failed on Raspberry Pi)

Fixed ZX Vision:

-Fixed hang when pressing cursor up/down on any tabbed menu with only one line (like Audio Waveform)

-Fixed glitches resizing some windows: AY Registers, Debug CPU, etc...

-Fixed flickering when resizing Keyboard Help window

-Fixed reducing all windows

-Fixed bug restoring windows on startup when a previous error was generated

-Fixed drawing scroll bars when window is not at the top of all windows

-Fixed drawing close button on background windows

-Fixed showing input tape insert state on menu and zx desktop icon when tape can't be opened

-Fixed window Hex Editor while moving or resizing

-Fixed view sensors when clicking on the scroll bars

-Fixed refreshing Visual Real Tape window when enabled Top Speed

Some other minor bugfixes and improvements