Wiz Designs By Kasumi89 With Paint^^

I like the darker green and black ones only. the brigt green is kind of cool but i think it would piss me off in the end.
They're great, can I also request the following designs:

  • Poo Brown Wiz
  • Green Vomit Wiz
  • Electrocuted Testicle Wiz
  • Epileptic Fit Flashing Pink Wiz
  • Wiz wiz

Thank you. I will upload my favourite as my gp32x avatar for 1 month.
your joking right they all look horrid you should never try and do colour changes via Paint
You might be onto something here. Some of those looked like (with a little work) they could become cool country flags. If it were up to me I'd get a white Wiz with a blue sandwich stripe, but the black/red scheme is okay.

BTW, anyone know why the middle is red? Seems like the Wiz needed to be thicker than originally designed and the red piece added some extra thickness for electronics/battery.
*shock horror* How come you haven't worked on my designs yet, Kasumi, I'm very disappointed!
now if they actually came in such a horrible looking....look, I'd effing buy one.