Where Can I Buy The Zer0 ?

BAFelton said:
On their website : http://game-consoles-worldwide.com/

On ED's Shop - not yet - : https://www.dragonbox.de/en/32-gcw-zero

also if your in Australia or New Zealand I'll have them here to save on postage, same pricing with a small amount to cover my bulk shipping costs

(shipping was $525 for 100 so about $5.25 each Australian plus shipping from me to you.. or pickup from inner Sydney)

any questions feel free purewicked.au@gmail.com
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I haven't been following the Zero but I might need a gift gadget soon so I wonder whats the current status of GZW Zero. I've noticed they're on sale at ThinkGeek and Link's shop, but DragonBox is still out of stock. Did they fullfill all preorders and kickstarter backers or just following the way of Pandora?