ViceX64 issues


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Jul 13, 2008
Heya guys.

Is everyone here experiencing issues with ViceX64 or is there some trick that I've overseen to make it work perfectly?

I have tried lots of games (including different releases) and not one is running perfectly. I've tried running Vice at 500mhz to 800mhz but it doesn't seem to make any difference. The problem is that the sound skips, jumps and is totally unacceptable (which is a shame as the C64's SID chip makes sound half the fun when playing games).

Can someone tell me how I can get Vice to run perfectly? I don't see why the Pandora shouldn't be able to emulate C64 100%.

Thanks in advance! :)
It's great to have a C64 on the go, but loading is SO SLOW. It's almost real-time. It seems the warp isn't working correctly. The sound though seems pretty good, a skip here or there. Where can you get the source for the emu? It really needs a dedicated person who love the C64. I wouldn't mind *trying* to be that. Though I don't like C++. :)
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As we're talking about Vice now anyway, it would be awesome to be able to change the keyboard mapping too as right now it's near impossible to press (or find) some of the keys like run/stop for instance.

In this (Pandora)case It would be a lot better if the key positions would not be emulated like on the real thing.

LOAD"$",8 is easy to find but the rest is a pain without the on-screen virtual keyboard.

Also a diskdrive activity indicator (Pandora SD LED?) would be nice to have as sometimes I have no clue if the emulator is doing something or not. Not having warp doesn't have to be an issue, just use a cartridge image for fast loading. I can recomend the Action Replay 6 CRT for that :)

If I knew how I would fix this issues straight away but alas... :(
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About the sound issues - I tried setting the Buffer Size to 500 msec, in the Sound menu. That seems to help quite a bit, although I've only tried it for a little while.

About the loading times - in the Drive menu, disable the True drive emulation option (press ENTER to remove the star) - that will make loading times lightning fast.
Yep, increasing the sound buffer will make the sound skipping more rare, but will delay the sound a bit.

Increasing the CPU Clock of the Pandora also helps to improve that :)

For REALLY fast loading, I recomment inserting an Action Replay Cartridge which has a Fastloader installed.

You can't be faster :)
So the 600MHz isn't enough for good C64 emulation? Okie dokie, will try running Vice at 800 MHz next time. :)

Not a big fan of the Action Replay cartridges - I think they complicate things too much. ;)
So the 600MHz isn't enough for good C64 emulation? Okie dokie, will try running Vice at 800 MHz next time. :)

Well, VICE is very accurate ;)

600MHz is enough if you increase the sound buffer, but then you have some delay :)
Okay - well, it's a tradeoff, then. :) I'll mess around with the settings a bit, and see which ones give the best results. :) Cheers, ED.