Sprites With Minlib


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Dec 15, 2003

i just play around with the minlib right now and i wanted to get some function from the GP32, mostly based on mr.mirkos sdk.

so i took the gp_drawSpriteT and included a sprite (converted with bmp2bin -x and raw2c).

i init the gp2x with gp2x_init(128, 16, 44100,16,1,50);

but the sprites on the screen are messed up. i even tried with a pusprite function i got from synkro and it is messed up as well.
it seems that the framebuffer, thegp2x_screen15 in minlib, has another format as the framebuffer in mr.mirkos sdk.
is that true?
That's could be because pixels are mapped in a diferent way on the GP32 and on the GP2X.

GP32: pixel 0,0 is located on the left bottom corner.
GP2X: pixel 0,0 is located on the left-top corner.