Selling broken gp32


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Jan 12, 2004
Hi all, I broke my gp32 while trying to dye it a different color.

At one point of the guide, it says to remove the ribbon cable that leads to the display unit, and yah, i did that. too bad they don't tell you how to put it back. I know it is possible to force it in, but i'm too lazy and fustrated with it already.

So anyone willling to buy? Comes with all the parts, box, usb cable, and a 64 meg SM card.

I live in the Washington area, and if someone could repair it, i'd pay them as well.


BTW: if you wish to buy it, I dyed the buttons, and front (the ugly grey) into a silver, a shiny silver i guess. but the body of the unit it self is still white.

Email me a
I seen that same guide on GP32 emu. That sucks man. That means no more great emus :eek: . Good luck on selling it. Oh ya, just try gently wiggling the cable in where it was origanally in. If it comes to a point when that doesn't work, jam it in:lol:. If its broken anyway, it's worth a try.
Hey all, well, seeing that it is repairable, i was hoping to get about 75-80 for the whole package. Can't blame me can you? I mean, I could probably find a repairman in town to do it for me, but I just don't have time for it right now. One semester ending, and a new one beginning, heck, i know I'll need money soon. But i bet in about 3 months or so, you'll see me back here looking to buy a new one :p

So can any of you start a bid around 75 or 80? i'd be happy to include a free smartmedia along with it. When i bought it, it didn't come with one just to tell ya. Hope to sell it to you soon.

BTW: noperz, sorry man, its not a FLU. If it was, i wouldn't have done something this stupid :D I would get that sucker repaired asap.

Good luck to all!

PS. if it doesn't sell at all, i would part with the case for about 25 :p but then i have all them yummy part left over LOL.
LOL!!! France!?! WEll, i'll have to get back to ya on that :lol:
What I'm guessing is that it would be probably $20 shipping for that sucker, because i ALWAYS include delivery confirm, and insurance, on top of priority shipping. Hopefully you also understand i'm not including the memory card that I bought right? because I use the same mem card (smartmedia) for my digital camera. Sorry, i'd be willing to part with it, but that would be extra too...


PS. 80 for just the unit is a great deal too, that is if you can get a good repair man. I live in the boonies over here, and the best that I could find (checked the yellow pages) is a applience repair man (i.e. fridges, toaster, blenders :p) Oh well,z i hope to get this sucker sold fast, i need book money :D
Im really sorry to disappoint you but I wont buy yours 'coz Ive asked my brother (my "repairman") and he said that he wont be able to look over it for a while....And I dont really have any skills with that kind of electronics...
I hope you'll sell it as fast as it can
see you ;)

PS : didnt you said :"
i'd be happy to include a free smartmedia along with it.
Seen as you have had it all opened up to dye it, then open it up again and slot the cable back in... All you have to do is slot the cable back into the port... The port is on the board it has a little plastic tab on that you flick up with your nail, Slot the Screens cable back in and firmly press the plastic Tab back down and there you go its fixed :D... now rebuild it back up and let us know if it works :D
Woah woah woah woah woah.... have you actually opened it up before? I've tried to lift up the ribbon connector as if it was a tab, and it doesn't budge. Have you done it before? Please answer asap, if possible, to my direct email!
Well yah, i tried it out, and it's still giving me hell. I'm really getting pissed off with it, so I'm putting it back up for sale. Pm me or email me and I'll decided whether or not your offer is acceptable. I'm up to selling it, or trading is fine too. interests are anime, and xbox games (or accessories ^_^).


Happy bidding?

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