Search function broken ?


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Jun 20, 2011
The search function of the site seems to return no results despite the words used...

Also if I click on the "Your content" link, I see listed only two threads... :eek:
The top right link


Seems like it finds only NEWEST posts, all the old ones are not appearing...

as an example, if you search "" only one last post is found, and if you select "search title only" it will find nothing.
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Yes, I can confirm that. I also noted that if I search for 'music' with the title search off, it finds loads of threads which I assume were imported from gp32x-dot-com but not the current 'what music' thread. The vast majority of the posts are from 2003, with only one from 2004 and one from 2005 out of the five pages I've checked so far. Title search doesn't seem completely broken though, if I search for 'thread' with title mode enabled, it does find a good few 'thread' threads, albeit mainly from 2003.
Looks like search is completely broken. I can't get a list of a user's posts either - it hasn't worked since Saturday.
Broken here too, at least "my content" and "search":
"Oops! We ran into some problems.
A server error occurred. Please try again later."
Search is broken, but I feel the search itself 'works', but the indexed pages are removed. So it cannot find anything. Only some new content can be found, and it acts like all older stuff doesn't exist.
I had the idea the website could be slow due to all these indexes, so maybe they are removed without realizing the search will break due to this clean-up action?
None of the buttons on the top of this text area (bold, italic, insert image, etc) work on Firefox / iPad. I suspect it's due to FUD-induced upgrades. Oh the irony of it all..
The search index is still broken, I have to use google to find things on the forum.