Replacment Screen ?

Nov 21, 2008
Well I don't know to much about the screens and have some questions :

Are there any screens that would fit the Wiz ( Including connectors , addressing and size ) ??

Just if the old would lose its colors / break ..

Is there any standard in screen connectors ( I'm the most interested in this ) so You could connect a bigger screen with higher resolution and make software for it ( of course it wouldn't fit the case :) :) ) ??

Do You have any ideas of how to connect the Wiz to a digital photo frame as a display ??

Thanks in advance

Bit many questions but didn't want to make more that one topic ,, so the forum doesn't have too much rubbish
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The pollux has the ability to display higher resolutions (up to 2048x2048 I think) but to be honest, I wouldn't bother thinking about attaching other screens. If anything, I'd connect a PS1 style screen to the TV out and make a frame for it if a digital photo frame is what you wanted, but why not just buy a digital photo frame?

'Orange Pumpkin' said:
so the forum doesn''t have too much rubbish
Too late...
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''''''''CongoZombie'''''''' said:
but why not just buy a digital photo frame?
Well but how to make it able to display what''''''''s on the Wiz ,, it has only USB host/SD card reader and some have TV-out put but no TV-in put

I like the idea of the PS1 screen ,, didn''''''''t even think about it if I''''''''m right it connected via TV cable isn''''''''t it ( I never were really interested in PS well generally I got hard-ware from my parents and made use of it :) :) ) ??

Edit: What about the connector and the frame compatibility is there any standard ??
To change the screen to a non LED one ??

Edit: Oh now I found out that You misunderstood me I want a bigger ( and maybe some higher resolution ) screen for the Wiz not a digital photo frame :p :p
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