Ps1 Doom. On the Caanoo and Pandora?


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Jul 18, 2012
Good afternoon ladies and gents,

As the title suggest I am currently trying to get the PAL and NTSC version of the old classic Playstation one game of Doom working on either handheld. Not Final Doom I might add, just Doom.

The game boots up fine but locks up at the first loading screen. The music is still playing in the background but thats it.

No matter what I try I just cant get it working whatsoever. I have trawled the internet for days looking for an answer. Around two days ago I believe I even saw a youtube video of someone playing it on the Caanoo so I gather it's possible?

Any help would be great. It's one of the main games I've wanted to play on a handheld for years. The PSX version, that is..
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I think that notaz has recently diagnosed and fixed the problem on his PS1 emulator, we just need for him to relase a new version of PCSX ReARMed! it was discussed in that thread if you want to investigate further (I'm in work at present and can't go trawling for too long without causing suspicion!!) :) (hope this helps somewhat)
Anything good about the psx version that makes it worth playing over the PrBoom version?
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yes i have the same problem. i cannot get ps1 Doom to work on Pandora. hopefully someone can help
Thank you all for the help and thanks stouffa and strigoi for the link and explanation. It's good to know that a fix is on the way :)

Anything good about the psx version that makes it worth playing over the PrBoom version?
I cant comment on the PrBoom version of Doom as I havent tried it but the one thing I did like about the PSX version over all the other versions of Doom I've played so far is the soundtrack. The PC version of Doom just doesnt cut it in terms of music, it's very.. Cheesie. The Playstation version had a much more fitting soundtrack I found.
Ps1 ambient sound/music is scary as f**k: still gets the hairs on the back of my neck all twitchy even now after all these years. Just for that it's worth playing over the PC ports.