Pandora for sale


May 31, 2006
Saskatchewan, Canada
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Hello Pandora is now up on's the link, please check it out if you're interested...

Great little unit but I'm selling it because, like many here, priorities have changed over the past few years, and have less time for fun. :( I wish the team all the best, and hope they can make a go of it.

Nubs work great, no screen problems, quality hinge action, all buttons work good, unit has been flashed with the latest (as of this post) Hotfix 5 firmware...when you boot it up, you're greeted with the first time setup menu.

Thanks for your time.
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Oh I wish I could take it off your hands right now... My wallet won't let me yet though.
that was a surprisingly low price point it sold at, but it seems like you made about even on your purchase
Agreed...I think I did I also sold a lightly used DSi (was a gift) for almost new this week, so I didn't mind losing a bit on this. I probably could have got more if I was shipping outside of North America, but it's such a pain to do so, wasn't worth it. I don't think the North American demand for Pandora is anywhere near what it is in Europe and other regions, but what do I know.