GP32 Os/2 Stuff


Still Fresh
Sep 8, 2004
is it possible to convert os/2 stuff to run on a gp? or run os/2 stuff on the gp?

im trying to find a easy way to program for the gp32 allso - any suggestions?

Well, it's certainly possible to port programs originally written for OS/2 if they were written in, say, C or C++. You might, of course, need to re-write some libraries here and there (I don't know whether OS/2 had the same type of DLL system as Windows does, but that might be an issue), or work around needing them, but there's no reason a port should be impossible.

On the other hand, stuff written in, say, Pascal, or where source is unavailable would be, whilst technically possible in a yes-but-the-moon-will-go-blue-and-get-invaded-by-Martians-first way, the chances of anyone making such a converter are astronomical. At best.
well the thing i wanted converting is at , they have a old version for palm tops or whatever but i guess it would be hell to get the createor to recode it or relece its source ....


OS/2! that brings back some (unpleasant) memories of my first laptop... 486 50mhz, 8 MEGS of ram, 640x480....but, it could run doom fine :D so it was good...