non-flu GP32 for sale


Still Fresh
Jan 12, 2004
Hello, I'm selling a broken GP32. The circuit board is perfectly fine, but I must have messed up the LCD after I took it apart. The buttons are spray painted silver, and the case (the whire shell) is in perfect condition. I'm looking to get around $50-$60 for the entire bundle, and perhaps $5-10 more for the 64 mb SM card. I live in the USA, and I'm sure the circuit board is fine, because I can still transfer files to and from the gp32, and still listen to the mp3 player on it.

Email me at if you are interested.
Thank You,

PS. if anyone has any old xbox games or older game system for trade, i'll be willing to trade the gp32, and if needed, i'll add some money
I guess so, but I lowest i would want to sel it for is $50, i mean, I did pay $150 for it... If it is repairable, i doubt a new screen would cost $100, would it? I just can't get over the fact i broke it, and I want to get it outta my sight. booo

Anyone willing to give $45 shipped in the USA? Shipped meaning I'll pay shipping. But if you're in europe or somewhere, i'll have to work something out with you.