No sound in Pyra bullseye


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Jan 8, 2010
Ok, I'm about to go back to debian 10.

Does sound work for anyone with bullseye?

I tried changing from speakers to built-in audio to headphones. With and without headphones connected. And got no sound.

Tested youtube, vlc and gba.emu with the same result. What should I try?

Yes sound works in bullseye, I dont remember exactly what I did but sound wasnt a really big issue.

One thing I vaguely remember is that I reinstalled the pyra specific package via synaptic.
Also check the pyra scripts there are some initial run scripts that reset stuff that might help.

(sorry for being not so specific)
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Oh, I had this same issue on bookworm recently.

What fixed it for me was going in alsamixer and setting a channel to the HF DAC setting on the cortex 15 device. Can't be more specific right now, my battery is empty.
These are the settings the scripts also change indeed