My first 'hey is that a...' Pandora moment


Jul 1, 2010
So I'm on a civilian charted plan flying out of Australia and returning to Afghanistan after a short 10 day R&R holiday (a much needed one I might add!), and here I am with my Pandora on my lap, relaxing and watching season 2 of Modern Family, when the male stewardess tapped me on the shoulder and asked:

"Hey, is that a... Pandora?!"

We only spoke briefly but he went on to tell me how he ordered one 6 months ago and is super anxious to get hold of it, and I passed on the good news to him that production of the Pandora is picking up faster than ever real soon.

And that's about it, really. I just thought of all the places I could have been, on a plane heading to Afghan was the last place I ever expected to meet a fellow Pandorian.

Well, I thought it was neat. ;)

Anyone else have a similar story to share?
Wow that's pretty cool, seeing that there are only about 3000 out and probably around 15 000 - 20 000 people that know of it and are interested, that's a pretty rare occurrence.

Did you catch his forum username by any chance?
Afraid not. Though speaking to him led me to believe he was not a member on the forums (wasn't aware of the new Pandora production plans in Germany etc).
hum, guess I'll have to put a big sticker "my name is..." on my pandora if the case ever happens... or maybe just a picture of one of my rabbits :D
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I had some similar moment sitting in the train to the airport Duesseldorf (Germany) freaking early in the morning on my way to the plane meant to take me to the GSoC mentor summit. Some guy two seats away was using his Xperia Play to play "whatever" and saw that I was using my Pandora. He looked over, looked over again and asked if this really was a Pandora. Turns out he once preordered a Pandora but cancelled after some of the delays (he was not involved in the community). Seeing how nicely things work he was really impressed, especially when seeing the battery counter right after some emulator run...
I had something like this, too.

When i got my Pandora over a year ago, I went to our it servicecenter because I was not able to connect to the university wlan with it. I phoned them upfront and told them i had a minipc using Angstrom linux.

When i got there, they were sitting around a screen with the pandorahomepage open and were reading about it.

Then one turned around and asked me, if it REALLY was a Pandora, that I wanted to connect to the network and after that they got me some coffee and were playing around with it for half an hour.

They couldn't get it to connect either, but now it works. Was a problem with an certificate ...
I had mine summer of last year. I was waiting for a classmate of my girlfriend in front of a restaurant in Karlsruhe for 20min when I decided to get my Pandora and ask my girlfriend (Via 3G dongle, Pidgin and Jabber xP) if she was sure she gave me the correct time and place. Then some random guy with his cellphone on his ear walks by, stops after a few meters, hangs up his call and asks: "That's not really a Pandora, is it?", followed by 20min of showing what you can actually do with it.

At university this has occured a bit more often, especially among the IT and CE students :D

What would really surprise me though is coincidentally meeting another person with a Pandora.
most people i have tried to explaim "my precious" to didn't seem like they would be able to handle it

but a few times it has been a real eye opener to fellow gamers and geeks alike, seeing a computer and

emulating capabilities on a portable machine is always something you dont see everyday....(unless u are 1 of us)
I've had lots of "That's a weird DS" comments.

And IanJ is probably the only "Oh is that a Pandora!?" reaction, but that was at r3play expo, so kind of expected... :D

+1, the only non Pandora owning people I've met who actually knew what a Pandora was when they saw it was at R3play. Come to think about it that's the only place I've ever met anyone else who owns a Pandora.

Every person I've shown the Pandora has been highly impressed with the form factor & what it can do, many people have asked where they can buy one, sadly, on finding out the cost of the Pandora, this interest seems to evaporate. The usual response is along the lines of '£400!!!!?, I could spend that on something shiny from Apple' :mellow:
That is so cool!

So far no one I've met has had a clue what it is. Playing on the plane back from Frankfurt recently though I noticed a few people were looking over my shoulder. I think a conversation or two would have started if it weren't for the language barrier.

I'm slightly embarrassed for new people to see it at the moment though because the LCD has the purple/green cable problem, and I don't want then to think that it is a poor quality product (but I also don't want to send it back and have to be without it.. especially since I know there are no spares available at the moment).
I don't think there ever was a shortage of spare LCD cables. There's a "no available spares" problem for those issues where the PCB needs to be replaced, but if the Purple Tint is the only problem you're having, that's unlikely to be the case for you. Any case, fresh PCBs seem to be about to happen, so work on the repairs backlog should pick up soon.

I suggest emailing the shop you bought from to ask about a cable replacement. It'll be a while before they get around to replying, but isn't that an argument in favour of getting in the message queue before your screen cable is trashed completely?
I've had a few 'wtf is _that_' moments; its always interesting to hand it to someone and see what they end up in; one fellow started fiddling with open office (a suit), and another would end right up in some game/emu; its telling which type of app eople find, but its also telling about the device.. its pretty versatile :)


I just can't skip it, but..


Like.. a "male bride" is actually a "groom"; a male stewardess is..a steward :)

Nice typo, made me laugh :)
I still haven't encountered anyone who recognizes the unit as a Pandora. Some people question what it is, but are usually disappointed when they learn it is not a phone.