Life Hacks! Post em If You Got em!


Oct 5, 2009
Could be anything from opening bottles, neuro linguistic programing, eating cheaply,

Use your hands to remember how many days there are in the month.

How to tell if someone is lying and how to lie. Visual Cues to lying (NLP)

I've got more but will stop for now.  Maybe next I will talk about finance tips and other general life hacks.


Couldn't help myself.  Here's two three more.

How to fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds.!.

How to quickly calculate a tip (for those where tipping is encouraged).
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Except my links didn't come from lifehacker. Vedic math, Major System, Dominic System, lying, human calendar aren't on lifehacker..  I've stopped checking but I suspect the majority of my links aren't there either.

Shrug.  Haters gonna hate.
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Tbh, the best way to get life hacks is to look through the tons of resources available through TOR

I have drives full of resources. I was just just trying to share what I came across and was hoping others would do the same. I'm fascinated by the ability to use available resources in a novel fashion and mcguyer the shitnuggles out of stuff. Thanks for the heads up.

As an example I think it is cool that you can extend the range of your car remote by holding it a certain way to your skull as to amplify the signal range!
Major system not dense enough?  Try the Dominic System (how I remember all my different passwords)
 I use a password safe (KeepassX, one of the Pandora's killer-apps for me), but most of my passwords are made with Diceware. I really like how a rather secure password consists of six short words, it makes it both easy to remember and fast to type in.

That Vedic Math thing is pretty cool, thanks for the link!
Cool deal!  I hope Vedic Math becomes another tool on your toolbelt. For me it helps with concentration and visualization skills.  Speaking of dice another trick I like to use for visualization, and to still or calm my mind before going to bed is to imagine a 3 sided die and mentally rotate it up, down and around.

So say  the 341 side is facing me. If I rotate it clockwise the 142 side is showing. If I instead flip it up the 3 2 1 side shows. Flipping it clockwise from the last orientation results in 124. Not to say this is particularly brilliant, but between that and mental math I find I get better results than counting sheep when trying to go to bed.  I won't bore you with the rest.

BTW that diceware looks really neat! I might check that out. I've invented something that I call Güneşlerin Öfkesi script so maybe I could use that to write down my codes. It's a work in progress and hopefully it'll get better looking and more fluid.

Also bonus life hack since I can't help myself.  If you ever catch an earworm (get a song stuck in your head) try singing row row row your boat, mary had a little lamb, or your national equivalent to get rid of that pesky tune. Singing the alphabet might work too.
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