Gp2x (with Cradle And Other Accessories) For Sale On Ebay


Jul 20, 2007
Columbus, OH, USA
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Hey everyone! I'm selling my GP2X F-100 MK2 on Ebay with a bunch of great accessories:

GP2X Cradle (includes a third party S-Video cable and audio cable for use with it)

Official GP2X TV-Out Cable

Official GP2X AC-DC Adapter (Warning for American users, it has the foreign plug type, so you'll have to get a converter).

Earbuds (the ones that came with the GP2X unit)

Wrist Strap (the one that came with the GP2X unit)

USB Cable (once again, the one that came with the GP2X unit)

My unit runs firmware 3.0.0 and includes the following games built in: FloboPuyo, Noiz2Sa, Supertux, and Vektar, as well as a demo for Payback.

I bought this unit back in June, brand new, and I've taken excellent care of it. It plays perfectly, and is in excellent shape cosmetically (both screen and casing). I've only used the Cradle and the TV-Out Cable a handful of times (the allure of playing my GP2X on TV wore off really quickly for me, so I just used the unit as a portable from then on). The AC-DC Adapter, Earbuds, Wrist Strap, and USB Cable have never been used. I'm NOT including batteries or an SD card, but both are easily and inexpensively available all over the place.

All this for $175.00, plus $19.99 S&H (it's a Buy-It-Now auction, so there's no bidding involved). The listing ends on November 5, 2007, so get it while it's hot. NOTE: I live in the US, and the $19.99 shipping cost applies to orders in the US. If you live out of the country, the shipping charge will be $29.99.

Here's the link to the auction page:
GP2X F-100 MK2 Handheld, Cradle & MORE-GREAT CONDITION!