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has anyone had problems with e buyer

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Sep 20, 2005
i have been using ebuyer for a while now and a few months back i ran into a huge problem on ebuyer when i ordered over £900 (GBP) of goods from them but now months later ebuyer are trying to say i have already got the items which i have not!
i spoke to them on the phone around 14 times and emailed them and used the silly enotes service they offer but they are still trying to get out of sending me the parts


i said to them i would report them to trading standards and the police but they are now not answering any of my emails or enotes so i spoke to a few people that have been having simular problems and it seems i am not the only one as many people i spoke to have been having the same problems and ebuyer are trying to make out things have been sent when they have not

if you have had problems with ebuyer please post here as this would make a good topic
Clear a space for Rico, he has a story and a half.

Personally I've never had any problems with them although they are a little anal with security and it takes maybe a few days longer than expected to recieve an item.
Rico said:
For instance, I ordered my brother's computer on a Saturday and expected it to arrive Tuesday, paying for Priority Express delivery to cover it.

It didn't arrive on Tuesday, so I checked their site. Apparently a warehouse relocation had caused some delays. For that reason, I didn't complain until Thursday even though the order had been frozen at 'ship date: 1st august'. They (eventually) mentioned that there was some sort of 'IT error' but the stock had been allocated. Bear in mind they'd taken my money at this point. Customer support (after a 20 minute wait even though the 'average' was 4) promised a delivery for Monday, but hopefully tomorrow.

Something does arrive ... it's the graphics card, from another warehouse. But over the weekend nothing changed, so on Monday I rang them up again. This time the guy says that the IT error was not fixed properly, so he says he'll manually alter the order so that it'll definitely arrive tomorrow. The order status changes from 1st august to ship date: 8th august. He says all the items are in stock and the delivery should happen as planned.

But of course, nothing happens. The next day it still says shipping yesterday with delivery for today but no 'pick in progress', no 'shipped', no 'invoiced'. Sure, they sent the most expensive item out but the rest hasn't changed. So I ring again. This time the woman hits me with the climax of the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

The goods haven't been shipped because some of them have gone OUT OF STOCK. Despite them being allocated, despite him checking them yesterday, despite two seperate people promising me the delivery will happen within days. Out of fucking stock. What's more, even if I replace or remove those items the delivery will still take 'a few more days' at least.

So I have it cancelled. Something I should have done a very long time ago. Turns out, it was nothing to do with the warehouse relocation, just a standard IT fuck-up. I go to aria.co.uk and order most of the parts again and it arrives the very next day without having to pay anything extra for delivery. Needless to say I was delighted.

Turns out most of the stores charge £40 over ebuyer's price for my gfx card, so I'm glad that came through. For the rest, though, the prices are comparable and not worth dealing with ebuyer's shitty service for. I was previously a virgin to the experience of being screwed and lied to by a company until this week. But apparently it's nothing new...

Rico said:
Plus my order, which got frozen on 'Ship Date' for two weeks despite being Priority Express. Customer service reps said they'd have it delivered in two days TWICE but nothing happened. They also said it was allocated to me but some parts went out of stock! And finally, they didn't refund my shipping when I cancelled the order - and refuse to do anything about it unless I send a written letter to their 'accounting department' which is probably in the same room as the guy answering the eNote.

After asking them to explain why my shipping was zero, I got an enote notification of the same reply he sent me before, and then suddently couldn't log in to my account!

davey g said:
Also, be careful with ebuyer. They have gone downhill lately. I had to cancel my order because several items went out of stock despite me ordering them while they were in stock and having them allocated to me. Unfortunately, they are cheap and have a wide range of stuff so I might end up having to order from them when I get to uni and waiting it out.

Hanz(tm) said:
I'll say something. Ebuyer are really really REALLY pissing me off. They had meant to deliver the parts I ordered on Wednesday, but on the site, it seems to be trapped on "Pick in Progress". Now, I need to get the parts by Saturday in order that I can build the PC before I go to University. So today I got in touch with them via phone.
This is a truely horrendous experience, in order to get through on the phone, you have to keep phoning until you don't just plain get rejected, as the lines are so full, and get onto hold. 1 in 15 times or so, you will get onto hold. You then have to wait on the phone for about 5-30 minutes. Quite often at this stage you can get disconnected, in which case you have to repeat the whole process again.

I have in about 4 hours of trying to get in touch with them, only got to talk to somebody once.
That person on the end of the phone told me that - he could not speed up the process at all, and that I should get the PC parts, in a couple of days time.
Which I reluctantly agreed to.
But look at no. 10 here?
10. My order is overdue, when will I receive it ?

We very much regret that we have not met your expected delivery date on this occasion. At Ebuyer we aim to meet or beat our customer's expectations. On rare occasions, where we exceed our shipping capacity a small number of orders may be held behind in our warehouse. Rest assured that any orders that are delayed will be upgraded to a Priority express service and shipped immediately the following day to be with you the next business day.
The Priority Express Service, is a next day delivery.
We'll see whether I get the PC parts tomorrow, but I very much doubt it. I have tried getting in touch with them again, but I have not been successful.
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No problems with ebuyer, ever.

I haven't ordered off them in a couple of months (so maybe that's why I've had no problems), but have ordered lots of stuff off them in the past. Ordered everything from speaker systems, dvd recorders, mp3 players to hard drives from them.

The only 'problem' I've ever had with a product was a faulty PCMCIA wireless network card for my laptop. I sent it back and they refunded my money, so I can could pick another brand. Easy and quick.

I'm also very impressed with their shipping policy. On a number of occasions I have ordered some expensive items, and being cheap, I only orderered the standard shipping. After the order I get an e-mail to say my shipping has been upgraded for free and will be delivered much earlier. Happened 3 times now.

So...never pick the fast shipping :D
Ebuyer! greatest online shop of all time bar non. Worst customer service ever. I have no idea why its so bad. If you get the stuff you ordered and it works they are fantastic. If you have to return something be prepared for a lot of tears.

I do hope you signed the box with a little unchecked, otherwise I suspect they have more of a leg to stand on. If you had them delivered someone must have signed for the goods. Ask for that. If you have access to newsgroups check out alt.consumers.uk-discounts.and.bargins, they have a few threads on ebuyer, and how to get stuff from customer service.
was going to use Ebuyer, looks like I will stick with Novatech :p
They do that old "Oh, you live in N.I? That will be an extra £15 then". Other than that everything was fine.
i might aswell ask, how can i take of one thing that i bought, iv boot all the peicews i need, but it comes in like one package, how do i take one thing off, not to sure if i can do it still though, so quik help would be handy :)
there all at the first one, its orange colored, they havent moved an inch... cause non of it will send until all the pieves are acuired...
Well I don't know, the only answer seems to be on the phone. I ordered all my PC parts from Scan.co.uk yesterday. There were some items out of stock when I ordered but they came into stock today and everything has been picked and dispatched to arrive tomorrow.

They check serial numbers etc when dispatching to ensure they have sent off the right items aswell and they give you them all so you can check when they arrive. Not too shabby.
WOW!, scan.co.uk prices are amazering!, beats crappy ebuyers prices BUT what is scan.co.uk delivery/service like?
This is their listing on romulus2

and this is ebuyers

There's quite a big difference, I can't tell you about their after sales service but from what I've experienced so far they are pretty damn good. Had no trouble getting through to their customer support and they did what I asked with no fuss. My items came into stock today (I knew they were out of stock when I ordered on Tuesday) and it has already been dispatched for next day delivery, tracking no. et al.
I'll check out scan.co.uk next time, thanks. A bunch of aria.co.uk parts were faulty and I thought it was plain back luck but apparently the bastards sell refurbished, RMA'd stuff which often goes wrong. I'm going to return them directly to the manufacturer instead of dealing with their refund, which I hear is no better than ebuyer.
well the ram is comming in 3 days so im still kinda happy ;) but im most probably never going to use there service and wont recomend it to anyone.. atall! they have upgraded my postage thingy, but still they have wasted enough time, i have a clan match on cs on saturday, dang, i have to use this crap computer :( its baddd luck in clan battles :rolleyes:
Well my parts arrived today from Scan. All set up and working. They even gave me a free keyboard, don't know why though, I already had one in the order. It was all well packed and as advertised.

I didn't realise AMD Athlon CPUs don't come with heatsink paste so I had to do a quick trip into town, getting lost in the process seeing as I've only been here a few days.
davey g posted on Sep 22 2005 at 09:11 PM said:
Well my parts arrived today from Scan. All set up and working. They even gave me a free keyboard, don't know why though, I already had one in the order. It was all well packed and as advertised.

I didn't realise AMD Athlon CPUs don't come with heatsink paste so I had to do a quick trip into town, getting lost in the process seeing as I've only been here a few days.

where have you moved to?
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