Dark Forces Launcher?


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May 11, 2009
Nevermind, I've realised it's closed source, booo.
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Good news everyone!

I posed the question of an arm linux port of DarkXL, primarily for the pandora, and here's what he had to say:

I am planning on a Linux port and will be releasing the source code. So when that happens it should be possible to port to any platform at that point (at least any platform with appropriate performance capabilities of course).
of course, there is always the psx version...
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Anybody got a guide on how to install Dark Forces in Dosbox easily?
Being in Batch 2 I obviously don't have to device to verify, but the normal procedure is you have a directory you configure DOSBOX to point to.

So you should need to do nothing more then drop the directory in the pointed to directory, and run the setup file to allow you to properly select the IRQs, DMAs, sound card, and otherwise as they're setup in the config file. From there you either setup a front end link to the excutable or just open DOSBOX and work it just like you were back on a DOS system.

You may need to OC from what I'm hearing about 386 instead of 486 level, and depending on the config file may need to adjust cycles. This should help if you have any questions about the config file.

The only question from there is how to remap the keys to the Pandora's gaming controls, which I can't help you with given I don't have mine yet.
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