Anyone have a broken gp32 with a working screen?


Still Fresh
Jan 12, 2004
Hey all, i think i might be able to repair my gp32 if i have a new screen. The ribbon cable was inserted easily thanks to the help of someone on the forums, but i can't get anything to display on the screen.

I think i need a new working screen for it. Otherwise... Help?

i do believe it is the screen. I think I f'ed the ribbon cable when i tried to put it in. Someone recently told me that there is a latch that you have to lift up, and i'll be damned there was. Well, to prove it must be the screen, i can hear the sounds of the gp32, and i can get it to play mp3s ^_^'

As far as I know, yes. The cable itself looks fine, but when I power on the system, all i see is random lines of color, like a tv testing signal. I can navagate through the main menu just fine. I can even get mp3s to play, as I stated before.

try cleaning the pins on the ribbon cable with an eraser. and then re-insert it. that woll probobly fix it. AND make sure that it isn't inserted at ANY kind of an angle, those are some damned tiny pins on that thing and if any were crossed what you say is happening would probobly happen ;)