6th OpenPhoenux Hard- and Software Workshop


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Aug 19, 2014
Hi Folks,

soon a small workshop will take place in Munich:

the OpenPhoenux Hard- and Software Workshop (OHSW) is an annual, nonprofit meeting for people interested in free and open source software and open hardware. At this international meeting they can get to know each other, exchange knowledge and share new ideas and projects.

I plan to attend to this workshop maybe I should also reactivate my openmoko :D   Is there anybody out here who also plans to visit this one ?
If no one willing to be good translator, I would like ED to write subtitle for the video  :D  
@home I have a canon ixus photo camera. It theoretically 'could' record the talk but I am very afraid of the resulting quality. And I will not heart ED feelings with my bad recordings :D

since he is some kind of involed into creating commercial films http://www.gepixelt.de/

Nice Video, simular to the Presentation one yeahr ago in belgien, where the Pyra was anouced, but whit some new thinks, like refering to the Browser Video or the curent development status..

Sadly it ditnt last until Nikolaus part

Whould be intereresting to hear about the development from Nikolaus because he had the "Fun" whit the CPU Development and the tiny traces to wire..