1. canseco

    Update Zita-rev1 0.2.1

    Zita-rev1 0.2.1 REV1 is a reworked version of the reverb originally developed for Aeolus. Its character is more 'hall' than 'plate', but it can be used on a wide variety of instruments or voices. It is not a spatialiser - the early reflections are different for the L and R inputs, but do not...
  2. canseco

    Update Zita-at1 0.2.3

    Zita-at1 0.2.3 zita-at1 is an 'autotuner', normally used to correct the pitch of a voice singing (slightly) out of tune. Compared to 'Autotalent' it provides an improved pitch estimation algorithm, and much cleaner resampling. AT1 does not include formant correction, so it should be used to...