1. canseco

    Update YACReader 9.5.0

    YACReader 9.5.0 YACReader is the best comic reader and comic manager with support for cbr cbz zip rar comic files. It can be used as a PDF or image viewer too. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, IOS and now OpenPandora. Changelog - Latest stable release. Compiled with QT...
  2. canseco

    Update QComicBook 0.9.1

    QComicBook 0.9.1 QComicBook is a viewer for PDF files and comic book archives containing jpeg/png/xpm/gif/bmp images, which aims at convenience and simplicity. Features include: automatic unpacking of archive files, full-screen mode, continuous scrolling mode, double-pages viewing, manga...
  3. canseco

    Beta qpdfview 0.4.17beta1

    qpdfview 0.4.17beta1 qpdfview is a tabbed document viewer using Poppler, libspectre, DjVuLibre, CUPS and Qt, licensed under GPL version 2 or later. Changelog - Initial release. - Compiled without cups, ps and libspectre. - Changed category from Graphics to Office. -...