1. ptitSeb

    Release Arkos Tracker 2

    Here is Arkos Tracker 2, a Music Traker targeted toward CPC music This pnd use box86. It seems to works fine, but some multi-chip music (the one with 9 track) seems to not always produce sound. I suspect this is a CPU Power issue (as they does sound ok on a Pi4). Maybe with some more box86...
  2. Farox

    Release FastTracker 2 Clone

    Hi! just released the lastest recompile of the Fast Tracker 2 clone by Olav Sorensen. FastTracker 2 is a music tracker originally created by Fredrik "Mr. H" Huss and Magnus "Vogue" Hogdahl, this clone is partly based on the original FT2 source code for DOS (coded in Pascal and Assembler), but...