sd card

  1. Godmil

    SD card format woes

    TLDR: What is the best way to format a SDXC 128GB SD card for the pandora? I'm dying to get Box86 working but first I need to download codeblocks.pnd, however I'm having no end of problems trying to get it. First the install from pnd manager kept crashing, I eventually worked out my old SD...
  2. D

    SD card slots suddenly stopped working in Pandora. Help.

    My Pandora 1G has begun ignoring any card put into the SD card slots. I have tried 2 different SD cards that I have used on this Pandora for many years (SanDisk class 10 Fat32 sizes 32GB + 16GB) and neither of them load. I have tried testing left & right card slots and neither responds. I...