1. ant

    pyra screen protectors

    the very first thing i plan on doing with my pyra is slapping a screen protector on it, and seeing as how mine should be shipping sometime in the next couple weeks (fingers crossed), i'd like to be prepared. does anyone have any recommendations? are protectors in the size of the pyra's screen...
  2. O

    Want to buy. broken pandora with good screen

    Good day ladies and gentlemen! I have this little pickle. Havent used my pandora in a while, one reason being the screen hasnt been too pleasant. (it shows lines where mouse pointer is and everything that moves around the screen, has been on the shelf for ages) So i was thinking if someone has...
  3. RodrigoCard

    Hardware No backlight after changing the screen

    I got a replacement LCD for my Pandora months ago and just last week decided to install it... (the old thread for reference) Right after changing it I tought it didnt work, but it was just very dark, and the brightness settings just dont work (I bought a TV cable so I can see something and the...
  4. Zink

    Trying to fix the backlight bug...

    There is a bug, reported long time ago, but never fixed: if the lid close action is set to "Turn off the screen", then when the lid is closed on a powered on Pandora, the screen gets turned off as intended. But after the automatic screen blanking period (around 15 minutes, I think) if a shoulder...
  5. ible

    Minimum resolution on Pyra screen

    Can we send the display board a lower resolution screen than 720p? And for more options (if possible), what would the output of "xrandr" be? Thought I needed to post the opposite of "Maximum resolution on external monitor" thread.