1. lecejeff

    WTS : 2x Classic OpenPandora, 1st batch, from Canada

    ** UPDATE 2023-10-09 ** I have received the new LCD cable, replaced it in the 2nd unit and tadam, the 2nd unit works. However, the LCD displays things a little yellow-ish. Thus, I won't be able to sell this one in perfect working condition like the 1st one. With this in mind, I will not sell the...
  2. Inimuk

    Unofficial Pyra/Pandora Telegram Group

    TL;DR --> Join here: Decided to create a group since I couldn't see one using Telegram search function. Posting in Off topic because this is not a official forum channel. Also looking for channel mods. Cheers! Oops, silly. Created an announcement channel instead...
  3. fantomid

    Advertizing in magazine

    Hello there, I got contacts to have one A4 page of communication about the community, the Pandora and the Pyra. The magazine Retroplaying will be release in France end of october. The main idea is to have two parts: On top the Pandora, with the text "TODAY" and some informations regarding the...
  4. blimpsgo180

    The Definitive List of Pandora Games (native games and ports)

    General Overview With the days of the Pandora winding down and the days of the Pyra winding... up(?), I've decided to create a definitive list of all the games that exist on the Pandora. I'm categorizing games as games that were either made for, or specifically ported to the Pandora. I do not...