1. T

    I need some help from a hardware hacker

    in relation to the amiga 500 and c64.
  2. tarator

    Programmable Robot: Cozmo by Anki

    I just heard about this neat little guy called Cozmo[1] developed by Anki. I like the idea, that it comes with an SDK[2] and is programmable via Python. For me this seems to be a quite nice device to get started with robotics. Sales just started in Germany/Austria with a price-tag of € 270,-...
  3. S

    Is there a way to flash the Pandora firmware if the right bumper is broken?

    My right bumper is broken and I would like to flash the Pandora firmware, I would really appreciate some help with this.
  4. Agricola

    Pyra Hackers Manual?

    Hey ED, The Pandora has a lot of unused solder spots to allow hardware modders to do some weird stuff. But what about the Pyra? Will it be as easily modable? And if it will, what about a Hackers Manual like the one MWeston wrote for the Pandora? It would be really amazing to put more LEDs in...