gpd win

  1. A

    Gemini Linux UMPC at CES 2018

    Saw this just now. It is a UMPC that dual boots Linux and Android. There's no gaming controls built in like the pyra, It's more like a smaller gpd pocket
  2. K

    How do you guys think a 7 inch laptop with windows 10

    Hey guys,I heard GPD company plan to develop a new 7 inch laptop this year from dingoonity. It employs Windows 10 system+Touch panel+fully functional keyboard, with 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM. The main difference between this and GPD WIN is that it is slightly larger (7 Inch) and it doesn't have...
  3. Sebzy

    GPDWin and linux

    Recently got my GPDWin x7-Z8700 so decided to get rid of win 10 and install Kali (Debian Jessie Kernel 4.6) Storage : Working just installed using a dd iso to USB stick. Mouse : Working Keyboard : Working EtherNet : Yes via USB cheap Chinese dongle WiFi : Working (needed patching) LCD : Half...
  4. K

    The World's First 5.5 Inch Handheld PC/Gaming Console Based on Windows 10 System.

    Hello,everyone.This is kendy form GPD company.We are a company is specialized in the design and manufacture of video games consoles.And we all have a dream to make a portable handheld PC/Gaming consoles based on Windows we make GPD WIN.We made a campaign on INDIEGOGO for GPD WIN.Hope...