1. Orkie

    Open2x bootloader 1.0 - unfinished business..

    I thought I'd post this up since it's now feature complete (at least enough for a first release). I've written an entirely new GP2X bootloader from scratch, which can do a few things the original u-boot can't like loading bare metal executable files (more on this to come), kernels and even...
  2. Hekel

    GP2X F300 Boot problem

    Hey There, i recently buyed a GP2X F300 (voca master). It worked very well for about 2 days but since this morning the Device freezes at the gp2x f300 logo screen. Normaly there would start a Loading screen which never starts. Reflash the firmware didnt worked as it freezes again at the Logo...
  3. R

    Can I still find GP2x F-200 parts?

    Hi everyone, After a decade of gaming, I think the silicone membrane thingies under my d-pad and buttons are finally beginning to wear out. I can't seem to find anywhere online that still sells parts for this device, so I was wondering if anyone could point me to any resources, or if anyone had...