free software

  1. FBnil

    Travel Through Time - ZX Spectrum Arcade Style Racer

    This game is more than a year old. But I did not see it before. The framerate is fantastically good. Compared to oldies like outrun, that have music while you drive, but drive in slomo, here you actually get a sense of motion, and there's so much attention to detail. The cutscenes tell a good...
  2. fantomid

    Libre Software Meeting : July 01-07 Saint-Etienne (France)

    Hello all, I applied for a booth during the week-end (1st and 2nd of July) of the event. Don't hesitate to come and meet us.
  3. V

    ARM and GPU extensibility

    I recently found out that there are ARM SoCs that have some PCIe lanes, which surprised me. If that's true, I'm surprised nobody's tried to use this, especially in the hardcore Free Software spaces: For x86 PCs, we have good free GPU drivers for old Nvidia cards, but can't use modern CPUs due to...
  4. fantomid

    French Free Software event in Lyon

    Arrived by plane in the city of Lyon this evening for the JDLL and stopped at the Part-Dieu train station : Linux-SWAT get a conference slot saturday at 2 pm and half about the Pyra. ptitSeb and his son will be too on the booth. More pictures will be added during and after the event ;)