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  2. K

    [WTS] Collection of Retro Handhelds Part 2

    Hello, I'm selling the following handhelds: Anbernic RG300: Black, IPS version, perfect condition, in its box, for 69 euros. Powkiddy V90: Yellow, perfect condition, in its box, for 44 euros. EDIT: SOLD. GPD XD PLUS: Black, cleanROM firmware, perfect condition, in its box, for 194 euros...
  3. ndbsolar

    Pyra for sale. Skip the queue [SOLD]

    This item is now sold. Congratulations to the lucky buyer :)
  4. C

    [For sale] Open Pandora Rebirth

    Hi! I stopped using my pandora 2 years ago, so i decided to sell it. I barely used it, i am not a gamer so just bought it to have a pc in my pocket. It is in a very good condition, everything working like new, comes with original box, case, 2 sd cards and charger . If you want more info...
  5. RollingHaro

    WTB Open Pandora 1GHz

    I've currently looking to buy an OpenPandora. I live in the US around the southwest area. If you have a working 1GHz version and are willing to part with it, please PM me. I haven't had much luck finding anything in the DragonBox store, and anything on ebay is either over-priced or gets...