1. Inimuk

    (sold) 1GHz Pandora Bundle

    Mint condition (for the plastics used), no scratches. Nubs, LR, and keyboard all work just as well. Stable clock on 1,263 MHz. Tested stability for two weeks, won the SoC lottery, used for months. Includes: - Silver Pandora 1GHz Edition, Superzaxxon v1.76 - 2 x Lexar 128GB SDXC; 1 x Lexar...
  2. K

    [SOLD] Pandora GHZ Edition - Perfect Condition - International Shipping

    Hello, I sell: Open Pandora Ghz Edition (stable at 1.2 Ghz) in perfect condition sold in it's box including all the official accessories + Two 32 GB SanDisk Extreme SD cards. $299 including international shipping. PayPal only accepted. Thanks. [EDIT] Sold.