1. ptitSeb

    Release Waking Mars Launcher

    Here is a Launcher for Waking Mars, a platform / puzzle exploration game. This is just a Launcher. You need to copy the full game to play this PND. Launch a first time to get instructions. The PND can autoextract HumbleBundle archive for this game. The Launcher use box86 and gl4es, with GLES2...
  2. Inimuk

    (sold) 1GHz Pandora Bundle

    Mint condition (for the plastics used), no scratches. Nubs, LR, and keyboard all work just as well. Stable clock on 1,263 MHz. Tested stability for two weeks, won the SoC lottery, used for months. Includes: - Silver Pandora 1GHz Edition, Superzaxxon v1.76 - 2 x Lexar 128GB SDXC; 1 x Lexar...