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    Streets Of Rage Remake - game mods not working?

    Hi all,            I've been looking at some more software for my Pandora recently & discovered that Streets Of Rage Remake was available. So, downloaded it & got it all up & running. All hunky dory ..... or so I thought! To make it clear, I am running the main "SORR" game without any issues...
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    Old Thread About Fake Sd Cards

    Hi folks, I remember a thread on here ages ago that talked about SD cards, fakes & a utility that would test if they are really the size that they claim to be. While I don't want the whole thread, I just can't remember what this utility was. I hoping that someone here can jog my...
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    Craig's Windows Xp Usb Fix .......

    A little while ago, Craig posted a Windows XP fix to get the device recognised in XP. I know it's on these boards somewhere. However, I can't find it! I know it's here somewhere ..... 'cause I remember reading it. If somebody knows where it is can you post a link to it please!!!!!! Thanks!
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    Who Was Late Pre-ordering?

    I found out about the GP2X from another forum in about September time from I was tempted right from the start .... but something held me back from ordering. Anyway, I finally took the plunge & ordered from GBAX in late October. I wish I had pre-ordered back in September...
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    Gp2x Thumbstick

    I've preordered one of these. I have a question regarding the thumbstick. Is it anything like the stick on the Neo Geo Pocket (the best directional stick of any console)? Will it have the nice positive click the that machine had for it directional stick (anybody who has owned a NGPC will know...