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    Honest Opinions On Best Gp2x Emus Greatly Appreciated

    Yep, MAME and Vice are very good on the GP2x. Still looking for a C-64 emu to do samples like in Impossible Mission and Exploding Fist... any tips? Vice seems to choke on them.
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    GP2X View Your Gp2x Ram As An Image

    Yep - was about to suggest setting stride and specify width & height for saving. Almost there...! I once rescued a font and a logo from a prod from 1991 where only the binary survived, with a ripper. Also, you could use it steal nice little pics/anims from games etc to use as forum avatars and...
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    Zelda Classic 2.11 B18 Gp2x 0.1alpha

    Hm, I think the news post should have had some explanation of the context (or did I miss it?), like "what's different from playing this and playing misc. Zeldas in the NES and SNES emus?" For people like me that isn't part of the Zelda community. Like Fusion_power, I'm not a big Alpha-fan...
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    Mame Gp2x Inline Assembler For Vector Games

    There is a CLZ instruction on the GP2x? Really??
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    GP2X Faster 32-bpp To 16-bpp Blit

    Because lookups won't cause linefills that never get used but just fill up the cache. Might look at that for other tables - but since the table technique applied in this case result in very little gain even if you have two color values onscreen ;) I don't feel like pursuing it further...
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    GP2X Faster 32-bpp To 16-bpp Blit

    Test results: I used two pictures: a picture with 10000's of colors, and a picture with hundreds of colors. Picture - A_SN's LUT blit - FastBlitV2 S.M.War - 8363 ms - 5786 ms Penguin - 41771 ms - 5686 ms Yeah, that's not a typo. If you have non-pixeled graphics, like with...
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    GP2X Faster 32-bpp To 16-bpp Blit

    Might have to bring bad news. The code from A_SN masked the table offset wrong, so that only two values in the entire 4MB table were used. Which meant that those were in the cache for every lookup. I made it look up correct values and corrected the code to that generated the table, and now I...
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    GP2X Faster 32-bpp To 16-bpp Blit

    Hehe, just after I posted this A_SN sent me his version. After I optimized it and plopped it into my benchmark code, it was 1.9% faster! For some reason I get black pixels out, but that's probably some 'late in the night' issue. If you have 4MB free RAM for the table he uses, use it! My...
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    GP2X Faster 32-bpp To 16-bpp Blit

    Was inspired by SenorQuack's replacement for fb_write in SDL (converting 32-bit color to a GP2X 16-bit framebuffer), so I made my own. FastBlitV1 and FastBlitV2 were my two optimizations, both went from 12 to 8 instructions per pixel, and both require alpha channel (typ 8 bits in the pixel...
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    Faster 32bpp To 16bpp Blit

    (mods: not sure if this belongs here or in General Talk, feel free to move it. Just figured it would be of interest to a lot of projects that do 32-bit surfaces etc) My first optimization in ARM asm on GP2X :ph34r: Derived from...
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    Gp2x Tutorial: Setup Usbnet On Windows Xp 64-bit

    Are you doing it with Start->Run..."\\<gp2x's ip>\" ? Is that IP different from the USB network ip and your pc's ip? Internet: is Web server enabled on gp2x and Web enabled for the USB network in the firewall, and is port 80 open? Parkydr: Heh :) Guess I didn't search for the "right words"...
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    Gp2x Tutorial: Setup Usbnet On Windows Xp 64-bit

    (I could only find Linux tutorials, so I'm writing this while I still have it fresh in my head. Also works for normal XP - but see below. Mods: feel free to move the thread if this is not the forum for it.) First off, a BIG thanks to Dimacus! He told me the "trick" which is basically: a ) Set...
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    GP2X (or Maybe Somewhere?

    In the demo dev thread by Dzz, in version 6 he solved a problem with Execve("gp2xmenu",0,0) that made you turn the gp2x off/on to use USB again. Ofc, the links are dead to all .zips after v5. :blink: So, this is a general call out: anyone have on their harddisk still? If so please...
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    Quake 1/2/3 Sdk

    The Quake series rock because of the fine-tuned controls, weapons feel, immersion without gimmicks (sound really gets you into the game) and overall coding goodness. :) And the ID guys have always excelled in supporting the Linux platform. You could do worse than use Quake 3 as a benchmark...
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    GP2X Gp2x Demo Development

    Sweet! Yeah, the point is to fire and re-hire :) I did a solid 10 hours of reading PDFs and taking notes today, and a few hours last night. I devised something similar although I generated an exception to put me in Supervisor mode while firing Linux. Safer? Necessary? Will look at both anyway...
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    Community Paradigm Shift

    I humbly propose, as a white belt in this martial arts community :ph34r: that any dev porting their PC game for Pandora _but_not_GP2x be ostracized from the community ! :gp2x hehe Just kidding ... but promise you won't 'migrate' to PC+Pandora away from my GP2x please :)
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    GP2X Gp2x Demo Development

    Way to reply to my own post! :P Last bits of spare time has been spent in gp2x-land, and I think I found the answer to my own question. If Linux is running, the OS friendly way is to mmap the hew reg area to another part of memory. Then the pointer returned by mmap should be used to r/w...
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    GP2X Gp2x Demo Development

    Way to wake up an old thread :P I spent a few hours reading the full thread, since the links to part 2 and 3 of the Demo Dev PDFs are dead. There were also some dead links here, especially the ones near the end, when you had solved some issues with Exit to menu etc. and I was hoping to have a...