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  1. joa

    Which Retro Console..?

    Hi Guys, I'm thinking of picking up a retro console to play until the pandora is upon us. things i want... Gameplay, fun, addictive. things i don't want... uncomfortable controller, or a console i've previously owned...n64, megadrive II, ps1. So which console/system is just pure fun? Joe
  2. joa

    New Case Design

    Now we've been given some news and it would appear the design of the chamshell has changed, even if a very slight change. If you have no idea what i'm talking about read this thread posted by Craigix on the 2nd Dec 2008. Which do you prefer out of the two. The first design can be found Here...
  3. joa

    Tennis Game...

    Across all the emulators we'll have for the pandora on launch (or around). Anyone know of any decent tennis games, The only time i played a PSP it was on a tennis game, not sure which but the gameplay was incredibly fun. Maybe one for the ps1 perhaps, Can't imagine a tennis game would be fun...
  4. joa

    Streaming From Fileserver (wirelessly)?

    So given that we're going to have a pretty nice media player on the pandora, how easy is it going to be for example... Out of the box to, Plug my pandora into the s-vid on my lounge tv and stream (wirelessly), from my fileserver?
  5. joa

    Managing Roms

    One of the most exciting developments for the pandora is the Amiga emulator... EvilDragon, How did you get on Compressing the TOSEC collection back in 2004? I once read a help request where you were having problems with Error: ~ not set (or similar). I tried to do the same yesterday and ran...
  6. joa

    Rom handling... .7z

    I'm quite fond of Goodmerge+Goodgen... With a complete romset on the genesis compressed i was wondering whether it's likely i'll be able to use those files and choose the said rom within the compressed archive... I guess this is more of an emulator compatibility question, thoughts? Nice to...
  7. joa

    Protecting Your Pandora

    Hi Guys, So whose planning on getting a carry case for the pandora? :blink: I'm going send the dimensions to shieldzone, or at least request they design an invisible shield for it... That way it's still aesthetically a pandora, with no bulk, but protected from a paid of keys scratching it etc.
  8. joa

    Ships With Linux (how?)

    Apologies if these have been asked already but... 1) Does the Pandora ship with Linux? If So.. 2) Does that mean it has some storage built in, or does it come with a low capacity SD card? <_< thanks
  9. joa

    Another Will There Be?

    So many silly threads on 'will there be this?' 'will there be that?' We have the hardware and an almost perfect design. This project will be what we make it, The answer to most of these annoying questions is; well theoretically yes. Fundamentally it's capable of so much and that's the point...