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  1. Mr_Loon

    Could you give us an overview of the Pyra prototyping phase?

    Please note that this is in the Ask ED questions section so at least give ED (or anyone else with direct knowledge) a week or two to respond before chipping in. _____________________ Hi ED I tried asking this in the keep cool thread but it seemed to get lost and would probably be better here...
  2. Mr_Loon

    What needs to be done before a Pyra prototype can be produced?

    Hi ED, my understanding is that after recent progress from the case manufacturer, you're getting close to the stage where a Pyra prototype can be produced, could you give a quick summary of what we're waiting for before we can see a Pyra prototype. I'm also curious as to whether the plan is to...
  3. Mr_Loon

    Do you plan to produce the 2GB pyra?

    Hi ED, as over 98% of pre orders are for the 4GB version and this version appears to be working fine I'm curious, do you still plan to mass produce the 2GB version? EDIT : Response from ED here
  4. Mr_Loon

    Additional Questions & Suggestions to help generate more pre orders.

    Some additional questions for the Pre Order FAQ : When do you plan to find out if the 4GB Version works correctly + what impact it has on battery life & performance (compared to swap file)? Do the prices quoted include delivery charges? If not what would the delivery charge be to Country X...
  5. Mr_Loon

    Psychology of Pricing

    Considered putting this in the how to calculate a price for Pyra thread but this meant to be a little more general yet still hopefully useful when it comes to pricing the Pyra. Here are a few personal thoughts / expectations when it comes to pricing : When buying something the price I'm really...
  6. Mr_Loon

    Contact us - leads to blank page

    Clicking contact us via the link bar leads to a blank page It also strikes me as rather odd that that there is no prominent link to Dragonbox shop, is that hidden away somewhere or is it just so obvious I've missed it?
  7. Mr_Loon

    Crowd Funding the Pyra - Let's help ED make it work

    The first batch of Pyra Production will be crowd funded by Pre Orders. There has been some discussion in this thread in the ask ED questions section. ED is currently trying to decide whether to do this via a campaign direct from Dragonbox or use an existing site such as Kickstarter / Indiegogo...
  8. Mr_Loon

    Improving the modularity of the Pyra - Possible cooling improvements as well

    Wish I'd thought of this a bit sooner. One of the things I really like about the Pyra is the ethos of modularity / upgradability built into the core design. With that in mind would it not be better if at the rear of the unit where the external ports are (USB, Audio etc.) there was a hole...
  9. Mr_Loon

    How will Pyra production be funded?

    Hi ED, With the prototype phase for Pyra rapidly approaching and pre ordering to come some time soon after prototyping I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding using an established site such as Kickstarter / Indiegogo etc. for funding? It's appreciated that there is no right or wrong...
  10. Mr_Loon

    Bought a Windows Tablet - a few thoughts

    I've been looking for a 10"+ Tablet for Comic Reading, Sofa Surfing & Portable Gaming. Decided to take the plunge with a Chuwi Hi 10 windows tablet. See Spoiler for Specs Got mine from DX EU Direct for £150 delivered to the UK, thought it was coming direct from the EU within 5-7 days. It...
  11. Mr_Loon

    Pi Zero - the $5 computer

    Very nearly posted this in absurdism corner, but you can now get a computer given away for free with a magazine, or buy it for £4 / $5. From the official website :   The Raspberry Pi Zero is half the size of a Model A+, with twice the utility. A tiny Raspberry Pi that’s affordable enough...
  12. Mr_Loon

    Has anyone here seen Mr Robot?

    Has anyone here seen Mr Robot? Best thing I've seen on TV for ages, the central themes of the show are hacking & mental illness, don't think I've ever seen either so well portrayed on the big or small screen. I can just imagine Elliot tapping away on a Pandora / Pyra :)
  13. Mr_Loon

    Could the base of the Pyra be used with a smartphone?

    Hi ED, How easy would it be to use the base of the Pyra with a smartphone? i.e. What would have to be done to use the Pyra base as an iCP3 type device? Just to clarify by 'base' I mean everything apart from the screen & CPU board. If this is indeed possible I'd give it some serious thought as...
  14. Mr_Loon

    Ram & eMMC costs / power drain

    Hi ED, as we're getting close to the prototyping stage it seems like a logical time to find out what your customers would like to see in terms of Ram & eMMC size. Answers to the following would help : 1) What are the cost implications for Pyra for Ram sizes of 1GB, 2GB & 4GB? Answer : price is...
  15. Mr_Loon

    Goals for Pyra Pre Orders

    Hi ED, I've seen you mention that you need 1000 pre orders for Pyra to be able to proceed with manufacture. My question is : Roughly how many pre orders would you like to see? I can see good reasons for limiting the number of pre orders to 1000 (in case of faults as per early Pandoras) or...
  16. Mr_Loon

    Lenovo - WTF?

    We've seen some incredibly dumb things done 'for the benefits of consumers' by big tech companies, (Sony root kits etc.) But, to me, this one takes the biscuit. What the fuck were Lenovo thinking with this god awful pre installed Malware? They deserve to drown in a veritable storm of shit IMHO.
  17. Mr_Loon

    Will Pyra have a double sized space bar?

    Hi ED, I was thinking about posting in the Final Keyboard Layout Proposals thread created by _wb_ However before doing this it would be useful to know a couple of things : 1) Will Pyra have a double width space key? 2) If the answer to question 1 is yes then where will the spacebar be...
  18. Mr_Loon

    Gaming smartphone from Snail Games

    W & W3D Gaming Smartphone from Snail Games This is pretty niche but I've a feeling it might interest a few here. Hope they stick a decent battery in it.
  19. Mr_Loon

    Should the Pyra charger be an optional extra?

    It is of course just a minor part of the great Pyra Jigsaw but I believe consideration should be given to the question : Should the Pyra charger be an optional extra? IMHO it most certainly should, as I imagine a large number of people will already have a good quality charger capable of...
  20. Mr_Loon

    What is the purpose of the BMP 180 sensor in the Pyra?

    Hi ED, In your Pyra news post entitled 'The long road to a final unit' it was mentioned that the Sensor: BMP180 (digital barometric pressure sensor) had been tested and was working fine. Could you tell us what is the intended purpose for Pyra of including a barometric pressure sensor?