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    I Have A Gp2x...

    I've pretty much given up on completing the installation of a D-pad on my 2X. Just don't have the skills. :( So, I have a otherwise fully working 2X, but without a stick, and a great big nasty dremelled hole where it used to be. :blink: What can one do with it? There seems to be cradles...
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    Any one of you geeks have one of these? :) Or it's suspicious-looking plug-to-tv brother? Only 60 Canadalandian dollars for the portable! :o
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    Virtual Cogs Vc21 Thoughts?
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    101 Free Games For Pc Just to let people know, there are some games there, that might work well on 2X. I don't know, whether source is available, or whether the system requirements are low enough for 2X ports. Of course, you might also play them on your PC. :P
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    Game Gear!

    I just received a Game Gear I got from eBay, yay! The thing is huuuge, could fit a 2X inside the thing, or two... (Gives me an idea for a mod...) Anyways, the sound is dim, and I understand this is somewhat usual, and fixable, by chancing resistors. Now, I'm wondering, as I don't have a supply...
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    How Can I Access Windows Folder From 2x?

    Now, I've been combing trough the forum in search for the answer, to no avail. Simple task: I wish to share a folder on my D: drive titled "2xshared" in such a manner, that I can use this folder as storage for testing large files, like PSX isos. I've so far managed to connect to my 2X via...
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    About The Lcd...

    I have a question to those 2X owners who had/have a GP32 BLU/BLU+... How is the screen on your 2X compared to the 32? My BLU+ had a crystal clear picture, only when overclocked did few moire-lines appear. Now, I can tweak my 2X to the point, where no moire-lines show up, however, there is...
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    Splitfish Eyefx 3d Anyone have any experience on these? It's apparently rather new gadget, atleast for PS2... Those shutter glasses have been around for ages. Mater System had similar things. As I'm planning on getting Ace Combat 5 one of these days, I figured...
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    Games For Sale Acclaim apparently went bankrupt, and is now forced to sell it's assets. Things like Mortal Kombat, Bubble Bobble, Double Dragon... Looking for a gift for a gamer, who has it all? :) But it is sad, still... I liked those Double Dragon games. :(
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    GP2X Multi-format Game Music Player?

    Yes, there are some players out there, but unified one would be... neat. "I have written several libraries to assist with video game sound emulation, from basic band-limited synthesis to complete emulation and synthesis of music files. They are written in...
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    Anyone Know...

    As simple as it is. Been looking to get one of those simple famiclones. The mail-order catalogs used to have plenty of those here in Finland, but that was in 1990's... Either one those 10000000000000000000000000000000in1 things, or a, well, Famicom compatible 3rd party.
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    How To Make Nes Region Free?

    Well, I bought few NES games from Jaw from the marketplace section here. To my surprise, UK, and Italy, NES games are incompatible with the rest of Europe. They are apparently the Mattel NES's warned about in Scandinavian gamepacks.... :huh: Anyways, after googling, there apparently is...
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    New Year 2004?

    Just a few minutes ago, I came to the main page of GPX32, and saw this sight: Is ther some rational explanation to this? I refreshed the page, and it returned to normal... :huh: :huh: :huh:
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    Question To A Dev With A Devboard..

    Have any of you devs, with GP32 and GP2X experience, tried coding and running some basic benchmark program, on both of these machines? I'd be curious to know, whether the GP2X main (?) CPU actually is as/more powerfull at, say 100MHZ, as/then the CPU in GP32 at 100MHZ?
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    Scary!!! :( :( :( But no fear, my valiant actions have nudged that that number up to safe digits. B) B) B) Damn. we allmost opened a portal to Hell! :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: Would have been kinda cool, though... But noooo, the 666 is still there... :(
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    Gp32blu+ For Sale... :(

    It breaks my heart, but the beast must go. :( However hard I tried, I could not justify the extra cost of GP2X for few extra emulators compared to GP32. Sacrifices must be made, and I'm all outta virgins. :ph34r: So, for sale, 1 x Gamepark 32 BackLitUnit+, 3 x 128MB SMC, 1 x 64MB SMC...
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    Star Wreck

    "Star Wreck is the first feature length Finnish scifi comedy. Impressive special effects and dark humor help tell the epic story of Captain Pirk (Samuli Torssonen) of the starship Potkustart, who wants to take over the universe. In the end, famine, wars, overpopulation and other problems begin...
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    Wonderswan? The difference between regular WS and WSC is somewhat obvious. How about WSC and Swancrystal? Both cost exactly the same at Lik-sang... "From WonderSwan Color to SwanCrystal : TFT...
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    Commercial Gp Games Via Paypal?

    Is there a shop or something, that sells GP32's few commercial games, and let's me use PayPal? Downloads or physical SMC's... :)
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    Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning 20.8.2005 Star Wars is lame compared to this! :lol: